WCP is aware of recent controversy and confusion related to Brad Vaughn’s pseudonym and book review. As the publisher of One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization, published in 2015, we want to inform our readers that we have removed the pseudonym “Jackson Wu” from the cover of the book, and we have replaced it with the author’s real name, Brad Vaughn. The pseudonym has also been replaced on our website and in all metadata. All previous copies of the book have been recycled.

The author changed the pseudonym (1) because with his return to the United States, the security of the church communities among whom he previously served in China was less at risk, and (2) to address recent concerns expressed on social media about the use of his pseudonym, which he adopted many years ago to protect Chinese brothers and sisters.

Therefore, in March 2023, Vaughn approached WCP requesting that we change his name on the book. We agreed that now is the time for him to change back to his given name, having fully reentered life in the United States.

WCP is also aware of the recent controversy due to Brad Vaughn’s critique of the book A Just Mission (IVP, 2022) by Mekdes Haddis. As a publisher, WCP encourages rigorous academic and missiological discussion among authors, but we are sorry to see the pain and confusion the review caused our sisters and brothers. The tone of the critique is not one that we endorse. The author has since taken down the review and posted an explanation and apology. We encourage all our readers and authors to continue to responsibly engage with God-honoring dialogue.