In 2021 WCP is going to release a series of blogs to help our current and future authors gain insights in key areas:

  1. How to improve their writing,
  2. How to improve their proposals for new books,
  3. How to improve their marketing for books they already have published. 

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Our First Tip

In fact, our first tip is to check out the Publishing in Color event being held to promote more diverse voices getting published.

Publishing in Color has only one objective: increase the number of books published by spiritual writers of color. This includes groups such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx Americans, and Native Americans, who have been under-represented in terms of the number of published books.  We seek to achieve this objective in two ways: (1) Publishing in Color conferences, and (2) a TON of free resources for spiritual writers at Writing for Your Life.

The goals of these conferences are to:

  • Foster relationships between spiritual writers of color and representatives of spiritual book publishing companies and spiritual magazines
  • Provide networking and educational opportunities so that prospective writers can learn more about how to work with these publishers and magazines
  • Result in an increased number of books and articles published by writers of color