Celebrating 50 Years Serving the Mission Community

We've been celebrating our 50th year in operation all year, but our real 50th birthday is this week on December 31, 2019. We've grown a lot over the years, and you may never have heard our story.

It all started with a man named Ralph D. Winter. Tasked with figuring out how to publish valuable missiological information, he founded William Carey Library Publishers (affectionately just called William Carey Library or WCL by most) in 1969 working from his house in Pasadena, California. The entire family joined in, shipping books from the garage. 

Dr. & Mrs. Winter at their home where William Carey Library started.

This is Ralph & Roberta Winter at their home where they started William Carey Library.

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This is Donald McGavran and Darrell Dorr. McGavran was a staple author, thinker, and early contributor to WCL and Dorr married Linda, the third daughter of Ralph and Roberta Winter. 

Eventually WCL moved out of the garage and to a new location down the street, we changed locations to a more suitable space.

WCL offices for a time. How sweet is that car?

As the titles piled up, one book, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, became an especially important resource across the country for mobilizing believers to reach the unreached. The Perspectives Reader and Study Guide are the curricular base that accompany the life-changing course that now over 300,000 students worldwide, which is now taught in nine languages. 

As the years went on, and other staff rotated in and out of our staff, giving their all for the cause of Christ.

Dave and Ernie in the stockroom.

Dave Shaver, a former WCL general manager, shows off the collection.

Restocking the shelves.

 Our original logo:

Our new logo and new name: 

Our new Director of Publishing, DG Wynn with the collection as it has grow to over 500+ titles with the same focus of reaching the unreached with tactical, practical, narrative, and theoretical resources:

While we've updated our name to William Carey Publishing (because people kept showing up at our door asking to use the library), and moved from California to  Colorado, some things don't change that much.

We're still publishing 15-20 great books and resources each year that drive forward the missiological conversation. Currently, we are working on digitizing the older portion of our collection and have just launched over 200 titles into our international distribution around the world. 

We look forward to serving you in the next 50 years!

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