Zúme Training

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1.1 God Uses Ordinary People 

1.2  Simple Definition of Disciple and Church 

1.3  Spiritual Breathing 

1.4  S.O.A.P.S. Bible Reading  

1.5  Accountability Groups 


2.1 Consumer Vs. Producer 

2.2 Prayer Cycle  

2.3 List of 100 


3.1  Spiritual Economy 

3.2  God’s Story—The Gospel 

3.3  Creation to Judgement  

3.4  Baptism 


4.1  3-Minute Testimony 

4.2  God’s Greatest Blessing 

4.3  Duckling Discipleship  

4.4  Eyes to See  

4.5  The Lord’s Supper 


5.1  Prayer Walking 

5.2  Person of Peace 

5.3  The B.L.E.S.S. Prayer 

5.4  Practice Prayer Walking 


6.1  Faithfulness 

6.2  3/3rds Group Format 

6.3  Practice the 3/3rds Group Format 


7.1  The Training Cycle  

7.2  Practice the 3/3rds Group Format 


8.1  Leadership Cells 

8.2  Practice the 3/3rds Group Format 


9.1  Non-Sequential Growth 

9.2  Pace  

9.3  Part of Two Churches 

9.4  Create a 3-Month Plan 

9.5  My 3-Month Plan  

9.6  Share Your 3-Month Plan  


10.1  Coaching Checklist 

10.2  Leadership Networks 

10.3  Peer Mentoring Groups 

10.4  Four Fields Diagnostic 

10.5  Simple Church—Generational Map 


Format: Paperback

Zúme Training

Zúme Training
Multipying Disciples
Curtis Sergeant

Now Available for Pre-order!

Publication Date - Late Fall 2022

The Full Zúme Training in a Book

Many believers aspire to be like the heroes of the faith that came before us. We long to witness the Kingdom of God come to our world and communities through Acts-like movements. But what it takes is immediate, radical, and costly obedience to Jesus.

When the Kingdom of God arrives, Jesus says we will see the restoration of the least, last, and lost through the power of the Spirit.

In order to see these revivals personally and particularly among the well-established churches that have become comfortable, we need a training movement before we witness a disciple-making movement.

Zúme's simple training in multiplication principles can unlock believers from unfruitful lives. The Zúme Handbook aims to equip and empower ordinary Christ-followers to saturate the globe with multiplying disciples in our generation. In ten interactive sessions, learn basic disciple-making and simple church-planting principles, processes, and practices. And then, people like you and me, who are willing to say yes to God, can spark a movement. “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a woman who took zúme [yeast] and mixed it into a large amount of flour until it was all leavened” (Matt 13:33).

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  • Our OM teams use Zume themselves and with those we mobilize and partner with around the world. The key principles and effective practices make it a great tool as we seek to be increasingly faithful and effective workers in His harvest fields. OM uses the lessons learned through Zume to share the Gospel with others.
    OM International  
  • The principles and life practices packed into the Zúme disciple-multiplication training course have enormous potential to impact not only the USA but also the world.
    Team Expansion
  • Zúme is a wonderful on-ramp for our coalition.
    24:14 Network
  • Zúme helps us accelerate our training into more countries.
    1Body Church
  • Zúme is a valuable tool for many of our member organizations to use in engaging new people groups.
    Finishing the Task

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  • Pages: 150
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2022
  • ISBN: 9781645084419
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