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To Timbuktu and Beyond

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE - Sand or Bricks? Building a Strong Foundation

  • Step 1: Develop a Global Vision

CHAPTER TWO - To Go or Not to Go? How Do I Know if I Am Called to Missions?

  • Step 2: Seek God for Specific Direction
  • Step 3: Check Your Hearing

CHAPTER THREE - Aim for God’s Highest Blessing!

  • Step 4: Take Steps to Obtain the Backing of Your Spiritual Authorities

CHAPTER FOUR - What Do You Mean “Wait”?!

  • Step 5: Take Full Advantage of Your Preparation Time at Home

CHAPTER FIVE - Narrowing the Field—Which Organization is for Me?

  • Step 6: Choose the Organization You Will Work With
  • Step 7: Choose a Team
  • Step 8: Begin the Application Process

CHAPTER SIX - Mapping the Road to Success

  • Step 9: Assess Your Training Needs
  • Step 10: Arrange for an On-Field Internship

CHAPTER SEVEN - Who’s Holding the Ropes?

  • Step 11: Build a Secure Prayer Network
  • Step 12: Build Your Financial Support

CHAPTER EIGHT - Who’s Holding the Ropes? (Continued)

  • Step 13: Secure Your Lines of Encouragement and Counsel
  • Step 14: Build a Team to Handle Practical Matters
  • Step 15: Develop and Maintain a System of On-Going Communication

CHAPTER NINE - Before Packing Your Bags

  • Step 16: Study the Historical, Cultural, and Spiritual Dynamics of Your New Location
  • Step 17: Inquire About Logistical Matters
  • Step 18: Prepare a Detailed Budget

CHAPTER TEN - Saying “Goodbye” the Right Way

  • Step 19: Plan Ahead for Proper Farewells
  • Step 20: Go Out with Joy!

CHAPTER ELEVEN - Landing on Both Feet

  • Step 21: Brace Yourself for Culture Shock

Book Format: Paperback
by: Marsha Woodard (Author)
Timbuktu has become a metaphor for remote and inaccessible locations. However, it is a real place with real people. Like much of the world’s population, few of Timbuktu’s residents have had the opportunity to hear the gospel. While the task may seem daunting, the Church is not sitting still! Each year hundreds of Christians are joining the vast force of cross-cultural missionaries flung around the globe. To Timbuktu and Beyond serves as a practical, step-by-step guide for those getting ready to go into missions. It begins with the basic question of knowing and confirming your calling, working through the various steps of preparation, training and logistics, and carrying you through your first few months on the field. Each chapter has a series of tasks for you to prayerfully complete. Missions is the most fulfilling career path you could possibly embark on—not to mention an incredible adventure! To Timbuktu and Beyond will help you in preparation for your journey, because what you do before you go will have a significant impact on your future success.

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  • Pages: 155
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2009
  • ISBN: 9780878080151
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