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Shaping the Future

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Table of Contents

  • Contributing Authors
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Introduction


  • 1. Born a Girl: A Worldwide Challenge by Thirza Schneider


Part One: Theological and Historical Perspectives

  • 2. God So Loved the Girl Child by Marjorie McDermid
  • 3. “Boys Only”: Exposing the Roots of Girl Child Troubles by David D. Kupp


Part Two: Cultural Perspectives 

  • 4. A Girl Child Is Born: An Example from an African Context by Vongai Nzenza
  • 5. My Story, Their Stories: Girls in Western Contexts by Desiree Segura-April
  • 6. A Perpetual Robbing: Losses for the Girl Child in the Romanian Context by Sue Bates


Part Three: Hurdles Confronting the Girl Child 

  • 7. Harmful Traditional Practices by Phyllis Kilbourn
  • 8. Exploitation and Violence by Phyllis Kilbourn
  • 9. Health and Nutrition Issues by Nancy LaDue


Part Four: Empowering the Girl Child:Strategies for Effective Ministry 

  • 10. An Overview of Effective Girl Child Strategies by Desiree Segura-April
  • 11. Empowering through Education by Phyllis Kilbourn
  • 12. Advocacy: Championing the Rights of the Girl Child by Phyllis Kilbourn
  • 13. Spiritual Healing: Restored to His Image by Snowden Albright Howe Concluding Reflection
  • 14. Naaman’s Slave Girl: A Glance at the Soil of YHWH by Renita Boyle 

by: Phyllis Kilbourn (Editor)
Shaping the Future includes a global overview of girl child issues stemming from gender discrimination and explores the root causes for this disparity. Further, the writers from various streams of work around the world lay a foundation for shaping our value of the girl child. The strategies discussed help the girl child surmount the barriers that prevent her from reaching her full, God-given potential and also result in her physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

A rosebud has been used to symbolize the life of the girl child. Rosebuds can be broken and trampled or allowed to bloom into beautiful roses. The challenge for us is to learn how we can help girls to bloom in spite of the obstacles, empowering them to embrace their full, God-given potential.

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