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Reflecting God's Glory Together (EMS 19)

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Enoch Wan

Introduction by A. Scott Moreau 


Part I: Case Studies and Experiments in Diversity

1. Can Multicultural Social Theory Help Us in Leading Multicultural Communities? by Dan Sheffield 

2. Mission by the Immigrant Churches: What Are They Doing? by Chin (John) T. Wang 

3. Diversity of Ghanaian Diaspora in the US: Ministering to the Ghanaian Communities through Ghanaian Congregations by Enoch Wan and Yaw Attah Edu-Bekoe 

4. Diaspora Church Planting in a Multicultural City: A Case Study of Greenhills Christian Fellowship by Sadiri Joy Tira and Narry F. Santos 

5. “Kids These Days!” Generational Issues in Missions Mobilization by Lisa La George 

6. From Kitchen Table to Boardroom Table: Diversity Issues in Global Mission Leadership by Gil Odendaal

Part II: The Challenges of Diversity in Teams

7. The Multifaceted Journey Toward Globalization in Mission: Lessons in Flexibility, Humility, and Community by Donna Downes 

8. Effective Cross-cultural Ministry Teams by George Brown 

9. Missionary Member Care in a Culturally Diverse Ministry Team by Ejin Cho

10. Global Leadership in Missions: Reflections on the Issues Facing a Global Leader in a Multicultural Mission Organization by Sunny Eunsun Hong 

11. A Multicultural Team-building Workshop by Sheryl Takagi Silzer 

12. A Biblical Understanding of the Diversity of Paul’s Missionary Coworkers by William Brooks

Part III: Understanding and Facing Diversity

13. Different for God’s Greater Glory: Benefits of and Barriers to Embracing Ethnic and Generational Diversity in Mission Leadership by Kenhiti Katayama and John Kilmarnock 

14. Understanding the Importance of Diversity in Missions: An African American Perspective by Gabriel B. Tait

15. The Story of Alma: Diversity in Evangelical Mission Today by Rodney Orr 

16. Generational Diversity and WorldViews in Missions Today: A Study of the Millennial Generation by Dale Wolyniak 

17. A Biblical Balance Between Christian Unity and Ethnic Diversity by Carlos G. Martin 

18. Diversity, Donations, and Disadvantage: The Implications of Race, Class, and Gender for Personal Fund-raising in Evangelical Missions by Samuel L. Perry

19. Understanding the Effects of Diversity in Mission from a Social Science Perspective by David R. Dunaetz


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Reflecting God's Glory Together (EMS 19)
Diversity in Evangelical Mission
Scott Moreau and Beth Snodderly

The Church Is Everywhere to Everyone

Reflecting God's Glory Together is a compelling book that sheds light on the diversity and richness of the global mission landscape. It challenges the common misconception that missions is dominated by a small slice of humanity who shares certain demographic, economic, educational, and gender characteristics. Through a collection of case studies, personal perspectives, and social science perspectives, the book paints a composite sketch of the mosaic reality of mission today.

The contributors analyze numerous ways diversity impacts mission, from the engagement of global immigrants to North America to the role of generational diversity in mobilizing efforts. They also delve into the challenges of diversity in teams, exploring how leadership, partnership, and member care need to be rethought in multicultural settings.

The book is also a reminder of the biblical call to Christian unity. The chapters examine how agencies and institutions can grow in diversity and how to balance the reality of ethnic diversity with the call for unity. They also explore the missional challenges for minority populations who face marginalization as part of their heritage. Read Reflecting God's Glory Together if you want to be encouraged to appreciate diversity in mission and engage in God's ongoing redemptive story.

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