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Profiles of African-American Missionaries

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Brian Johnson
Foreword by Robert J. Stevens

1600s Era: Christianity and the Slave
Chapter 1 Christanity and the Slave [1600s]
Robert J. Stevens

1700–1780 Era
Chapter 2 African American Outreach Begins: 1700s–1780s by Robert J. Stevens
Chapter 3 George Liele: Missions Pioneer by Mark Sidwell
Chapter 4 The Origins of the Pentecostal Movement by Vinson Synan, Ph.D.

1781–1819 Era: Independent and Black Evangelists
Chapter 5 Independent and Black Evangelists by Robert J. Stevens
Chapter 6 AME and AMEZ History by Bishop William Jacob Walls
Chapter 7 Lutherans and Mission History by Richard C. Dickinson
Chapter 8 Lott Carey by Mark Sidwell
Chapter 9 John Stewart: The Missionary Pioneer by Joseph Mitchell

1820–1860 Era: Second Great Awakening and Missionary Rise
Chapter 10 The Second Great Awakening and Missionary Rise: African-American Missionary Movement by Robert J. Stevens
Chapter 11 Betsey Stockton: Stranger in a Strange Land by Eileen Moffett and Dr. John Andrew III
Chapter 12 Alexander Crummell (1819–1898) by William Edward Burghardt DuBois, edited by Robert J. Stevens

1861–1894 Era: Civil War and Holiness Movement
Chapter 13 The Civil War (1861–1865) and Holiness Movement by Robert J. Stevens
Chapter 14 Coloured American ME History by Bishop Charles Henry Phillips
Chapter 15 Thomas Lewis Johnson: Africa For Christ—28 Years a Slave by Thomas Lewis Johnson
Chapter 16 The Story of the Lord’s Dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith by Amanda Smith
Chapter 17 William Sheppard: Congo’s African American Livingstone by William Phipps

1895–1919 Era: Reconstruction
Chapter 18 Reconstruction (1895–1919) by Robert J. Stevens
Chapter 19 Lott Carey Convention by Leroy Fitts and Mark Sidwell
Chapter 20 Rev. John Chilembwe: African Missionary Extraordinaire by Pastor Esker Jerome Harris
Chapter 21 Far From Home: A Biography of Emma B. Delaney, Missionary to Africa 1902–1922 by Willie Mae Hardy Ashley
Chapter 22 The Life and Work of Rev. Landon N. Cheek: Excerpts from The Bones of My Ancestors by Margaret J. Durham

1920–1954 Era: Hindrances [Time of Garvey]
Chapter 23 1920–1954 Era: Hindrances [Time of Garvey] by Robert J. Stevens
Chapter 24 Montrose Waite: A Man Who Could Not Wait by Eugene Seals and John McNeal, Jr.
Chapter 25 Efrain Alphonse: Translator by Jim Wilson, Wycliffe Bible Translators
Chapter 26 Gladys East: A Missionary Daughter With Vision by Dr. Benjamin W. Johnson, Sr

1955–1974 Era: Redefinition [Time of Civil Rights]
Chapter 27 Redefinition [Time of Civil Rights] by Robert J. Stevens
Chapter 28 Andrew Foster by Rhoda Rynearson and Berta Foster
Chapter 29 Take A Giant Step: The Life Story of Elgin and Dorothy Taylor by Elgin Taylor
Chapter 30 Bob Harrison: When God Was Black by Bob Harrison
Chapter 31 The Life and Work of Daisie Whaley by Nene Bi Tra Albert
Chapter 32 The Mable McCombs Story by Dorris E. Ngaujah

1975–Present Era: African American Rise in Mission
Chapter 33 AFA Rise in Mission: 1976–Present by Robert J. Stevens
Chapter 34 Reconciliation in Mission—Brian Johnson’s Story by Miss Jean and Dorris Ngaujah
Chapter 35 Jacqueline Huggins by Dorris E. Ngaujah
Chapter 36 David Cornelius: My Missionary Experience by David Cornelius
Chapter 37 Michael Johnson: What Does it Cost to do Missions? by Michael Johnson
Chapter 38 Hakim Scott Stands Tall as a Missionary to China by Thomas M. Watkins
Chapter 39 Virgil Amos: Seeing Ourselves as Agents of God by Virgil Lee Amos
Chapter 40 The Cal Neighbor Story by Dorris E. Ngaujah


Robert J. Steven & Brian Johnson (editors)

Profiles of African-American Missionaries features the lives and ministries of the great African-Americans who have gone to the world with the message of Christ. It is a collection of stories sharing the ministries of several African-American missionary pioneers from the 1700s to the present, dealing with all the social and ministry issues that they had to face here and abroad.

Readers will be inspired by the dedication and commitment of these great African-Americans, as they lived out God’s great commission to go into all the world and make disciples of all people.  It will inspire and challenge all readers to greater personal involvement in God’s worldwide mission.


  • Profiles of African-Americans Missionaries is a book that should be in every library. It is an indispensable and invaluable tool. It will increase God’s servants’ prospective of His plan of reconciliation through His church and the ministry of missions. It is incredible to read about the commitment of many faithful African-American missionaries that have served under many life-threatening circumstances. Certainly the challenge is before us, especially in this era.
    Supt. Vincent E. Mathews Sr
  • I am delighted to encourage anyone who desires to be informed about the history of African Americans in missions to devour this very informative and inspiring work that details the challenges and God-given victories by African Americans seeking to obey Christ by going into the entire world, with the good news for all men.
    Bishop Emery Lindsay
  • In 1994, as senior pastor of Calvary Evangelical Baptist Church, I had the opportunity to visit Liberia, West Africa to assist in organizing a major reconciliation conference where I served as one of the speakers. I saw firsthand the result of the war. Since that time my church and I have been increasingly engaged in world missions. Global missions has allowed us to open new doors for reconciliation between African-American Christians and White American Christians by developing strategic partnerships. I am pleased to endorse this book as a tool in the hands of our Mighty God regarding missions.
    Allen R. McFarland
  • Profiles of African-American Missionaries is an extraordinary book which is a must read for anyone interested and concerned about missions, particularly within the context of the African-American faith community. It really should, on the one hand, help us celebrate those who in many ways are unknown heroes and heroines in the field of missions. Yet it should also challenge and inspire us, particularly within the African-American church family, to become far more engaged in connecting with our global family, and moving well beyond our comfort zone of daily existence. Brian Johnson, one of my mentors in the ministry of missions, is an incredible “doer of the word” when it comes to exhorting people to live and share their faith in a most compelling way to advance the Kingdom of God. If you have a desire to influence the world for Christ, Profiles of African-American Missionaries will let you examine how others were pacesetters in that regard. This book will hopefully propel you to step it up in your life’s work and leave a legacy of winning more souls for the Lord Jesus Christ and of fostering greater human understanding.
    Rev. Jonathan L. Weaver

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