Missionary Care

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List of Contributors
Introduction to Missionary Care- Kelly O’Donnell, Editor

Part One:  Missionary Care Overview

Introduction to Part One- John Powell, Consulting Editor

  • 1. Perspectives on Member Care in Mission - Kelly O’Donnell  and Michele Lewis O’Donnell
  • 2. Historical Notes on Missionary  Care- Ruth tucker and Leslie Andrews
  • 3. Core Issues on  missionary Life- LeRoy Johnson
  • 4. A Model for Mutual Care in Missions- Kenneth Williams
  • 5. Supporting  Missions through Pastoral Care- Bary Austin

Part Two: Counseling and Clinical Care

Introduction to Part Two- Brent Lindquist, Consulting Editor

  • 6. Current Issues in Screening and Selection- Esther Schubert
  • 7. Psychopathology in Missionary Personnel -  Jarrett Richardson
  • 8. Understanding and managing Stress- Kelly O’Donnell  and Michele Lewis O’Donnell
  • 9. Short –Term Missionary Counseling- John Powell
  • 10. Crisis Intervention in the Mission Community- Laura Mae Gardner

Part Three: Team Development

Introduction to Part Three: Kenneth Harder, Consulting Editor

  • 11.  Multinational Teams- Sandra Mackin
  • 12. Coaching  Missionary Teams- Tim Lewis and Becky Lewis
  • 13. Field Leaders and Team Nurture- Kenneth Harder
  • 14. Tools for Team Viability- Kelly O’Donnell 
  • 15. Guidelines for Short-term Field Consultants- Frances White

Part Four:  Mission Agencies and Member Care

Introduction to Part Four- Richard Gardner and Laura Mae Gardner, Consulting Editors

  • 16. Nine Essentials for Organizational Development- Hans Finzel
  • 17. The Dynamics of Healthy Missions- Frances White
  • 18. Career Development and the Mission Agency- Peter Shedlosky
  • 19. Ethical Concerns in Providing Member Care Services- Kelly O’Donnell  and Michele Lewis O’Donnell
  • 20. Supporting Mission Leaders- Richard Gardner and Laura Mae Gardner

Part Five: Future Directions

Introduction to Part Five- Michele Lewis O’Donnell, Consulting Editor

  • 21. An Agenda for Member Care in Missions- Kelly O’Donnell 
  • 22. Increasing Role of the Sending Church- Gary Strauss and Kathy Narramore
  • 23. Training and Using Member Care Workers- Richard Gardner and Laura Mae Gardner
  • 24. Missionary Support Centers- Brent Lindquist
  • 25. The Member Care Consultation- Hans Ritschard


Format: Paperback
by: Kelly O’Donnell (Editor)
One of the pressing issues facing the missions community today is the care of its people. Evangelizing the unreached is not without its costs. Missionaries thus need and deserve the best care possible to keep them resilient and effective. This handbook for supporting and developing missionary personnel is a collaborative effort of over twenty authors that address some of the most significant issues of missionary care.

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  • Pages: 360
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 9780878082339
  • Vendor: William Carey Library