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Media in Church and Mission

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Section 1 – Foundational Principles for Use of Media in Church and Mission

Chapter 1 – Special Considerations for Christian Communication and Media Use

Chapter 2 – Communication Principles that Make Us Understand

Chapter 3 – Strategic Plans that Guide Us

Chapter 4 – Information that Makes Us Relevant

Chapter 5- Summarizing the Dimensions of Christian Communication

Section 2 – Selected Media Descriptions

Chapter 6 – Television – “We see is as it happens”

Chapter 7 – Radio – “The Talking Box”

Chapter 8 – Video – “It is Impact”

Chapter 9 – Audio Cassettes – “I Like to Listen”

Chapter 10- Print – “Write It Down”

Chapter 11 – Film – “The Magnificent Screen”

Chapter 12 – Music, Painting, and Dance-Drama – “I Can’t Sit Still”

Chapter 13 – Computers – Bits and Bytes

Section 3 – Practical Guidelines for Media in Church and Mission

Chapter 14 – Strategic Communication Planning

Chapter 15 – Program Production Process

Chapter 16- The Process of Evaluation and Pretesting

Selected Communication and Media Bibliography


Format: Paperback
Media in Church and Mission
Communicating the Gospel
Viggo Søgaard

Summarizing the Dimensions of Christian Communication

Too many today are borrowing uncritically from the world of secular marketing and seem to be blithely unaware that the gospel is not a consumer product to be sold persuasively to a waiting world. There is a great temptation to be so focused on felt needs that the gospel ceases being the narrow way and becomes, instead, a broad way to human fulfillment. Unless real caution is exercised, masses are attracted and churches become filled with those to whom Christianity is only a veneer over an otherwise secular life.

Søgaard succeeds in driving home the sometimes forgotten point that strategies, no matter how skillfully they are conceived, are des­tined to failure unless it is fully recognized that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate persuader. There is, in short, a mysterious interworking between strategies and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. An imbalance on either side of this equation is untenable.

The majority of the chapters offer practical insights into how such media as audio cassettes, radio, film, and television can, if properly used, play an important role in conversion and spiritual growth. But the author never loses sight of the fact that the single most important medium is face-to-face communication in the context of the local Christian fellowship.


  • Much of the secret of communicating the gospel effectively is knowing and understanding your audience. Viggo Sogaard has written a book from a lifetime of study that will help anyone rethink what they say and how they say it.
    Dr. Bruce LarsonCo-Pastor of the Crystal CathedralAnd Dean of the International School of Christian Communications
  • When it comes to dealing with media in church and mission, there is no one I trust more than Viggo Søgaard. This volume is state of the art in this area, tested both on the field and in the classroom. I’m thrilled to see it finally published.
    Dr. Charles H. KraftProfessor of Anthropology and Intercultural CommunicationFuller Seminary School of World Mission
  • I adopt this book for my own use around the world and recommend it wholeheartedly to others. It is my hope that it will quickly make its way onto the bookshelf, and more importantly, into the ministry of all who take world evangelization seriously.
    James F. Engel

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