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Journey With Me

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Theology of Spirituality: The Ancient Pathways of Communion, Community, and Co-Mission 

Chapter 2: Soul Care: The Ancient Pathway to Wholeness  

Chapter 3: The Word of God: The Ancient Pathway to God  

Chapter 4: Our Prayer Life: The Ancient Pathway to Intimacy  

Chapter 5: Reflection: The Ancient Pathway toward Trust  

Chapter 6: Rule of Life: The Ancient Pathway toward Intentionality  

Chapter 7: Sabbath and Retreat: The Ancient Pathways to Rest  

Chapter 8: Spiritual Warfare: The Ancient Pathway to Victory in Christ  

Chapter 9: Different Approaches to God: The Ancient Pathways of Worship  

Chapter 10: Silence and Solitude: The Ancient Pathways toward Emptying and Filling 

Chapter 11: Lifelong Learning: The Ancient Pathway to Humility  

Chapter 12: Spiritual Direction: The Ancient Pathway toward Discernment  

Chapter 13: Hospitality: The Ancient Pathway to Space and Freedom  

Chapter 14: Submission: The Ancient Pathway of Following  

Chapter 15: Incarnational Ministry: The Ancient Pathway of Presence  

Chapter 16: Suffering: The Ancient Pathway to Joy  

Chapter 17: Communal Discernment: The Ancient Pathway to Wisdom  

Chapter 18: Temptation and Truth: The Ancient Pathway to Holiness  

Chapter 19: Comparison and Competition: The Ancient Pathway to Forgiveness  




Journey With Me
Spiritual Formation for Global Workers
Herbert F. Lamp, Jr.

Find Pathways to Renewal

Have you ever wondered, “Is this all there is to life and ministry with the Lord?” “Why am I so tired all the time?” “How can I grow in my intimacy with God in practical ways?” “Am I so busy doing that I have forgotten how to be with God?”

As ministry workers, we too often face these questions because we too often expect a thriving personal relationship with God to be an outcome of our ministry. Journey With Me illustrates that ministry is the result of the overflow of our relationship with God, rather than vice versa. Exploring over fifteen ancient spiritual graces—such as Lectio Divina, rule of life, silence and solitude, and prayer of Examen—Herbert F. Lamp, Jr. invites us to prioritize soul care, rather than treating ministry as a replacement for intimacy. In the process of knowing and being known, God fills us up with his love, joy, peace, and wisdom. Only then can we minister to others, balancing a heart for God with hands for service.

After almost four decades of missionary service, Lamp has experienced the joys and potential pitfalls of serving Christ cross-culturally. Sharing his experiences and offering practical, time-tested methods to grow spiritually, Lamp invites you to journey with Our Father intimately as you cross your cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and geographic borders, serving him wholeheartedly and passionately.


  • Those of us who have served the Lord cross-culturally have at one time or another stood at a spiritual crossroad in our missionary career. Journey With Me is a must read for anyone ministering as a global servant. The ancient pathways of spiritual formation are essential for lasting growth in our faith journey. If you desire to recapture the radiant power of ancient pathways for spiritual formation, accept Herb Lamp’s personal invitation to Journey With Me. It will be a delight to your soul!
    Perry Bradford director, Barnabas International
  • Herb Lamp’s Journey With Me overviews the basic spiritual disciplines and concepts that are crucial for healthy ministry in challenging cross-cultural environments. Each chapter builds on the previous and ignites hope that we can thrive and flourish when we are connected and centered in Jesus. Herb does not proscribe more work and activities that we should be doing. But rather he presents the historical pathways of spiritual formation as opportunities for greater vitality and connectedness to the Source of Life. I wish this resource were available thirty years ago when I embarked in cross-cultural ministry. It is an essential read for all global workers endeavoring to advance the gospel in difficult places.
    John DallmannCEO/president, Engineering International Ministries Global
  • This book is one that member care professionals, life coaches, and overseas workers must have in their life care toolbox. I have seen the joyful fruit of Herb Lamp’s work with missionaries over the years and know that these are words of truth. The ancient pathway is still the one true way that leads to a life overflowing with the fullness and health of Christ.
    Bill Dunham Director of Marketplace Ministries, Christian and Missionary Alliance
  • As a major fan of all things spiritual practices, I find that Herbert Lamp covers the entirety with story, biblical example, historical connection, and wise explanation. It is exciting to find such a thorough rendition of centuries of spiritual practices. Journey With Me truly is a journey not only for global workers, but for all of us seeking a deeper connection with God.
    Jayna L. Gallagher, MA Spiritual Director, Wheaton College Graduate School
  • Journey With Me is engaging, perceptive, challenging, and above all prophetic. Veteran cross-cultural worker, Herbert Lamp, understands the stresses and distresses of missionary life, together with the imperative of cultivating pathways that connect with God. The book evinces a profound love of the Lord and his global servants filling in the arid patches of our soul with lush practical insights. I wish I had read this book when I first started ministering decades ago.
    Rev. Robert L. Gallagher, PhD Professor emeritus of intercultural studies, School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership, Wheaton College Graduate School
  • Journey With Me is a much-needed resource for ministry workers. We see around us ministry workers who are tired, overly active, and not living a balanced life. Each chapter invites the reader to reflect and consider aspects such as silence, communal discernment, submission among many other aspects of our daily walk. This should be a required read for anyone preparing for ministry or used as a guide for spiritual retreats around the world.
    Nydia R. Garcia-Schmidt Area Director, North America and South America, Wycliffe Global Alliance
  • With real life stories, biblically grounded theology, and attention to the needs of global servants, the ancient pathways of spiritual formation come alive in the practicality and the effective nurture of the soul. I’m grateful for this important contribution to the spiritual formation movement worldwide and commend Herb’s efforts on all of our behalf.
    Stephen A. Macchia, DMin Founder and President, Leadership Transformations, director, Pierce Center, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, author of 16 books, including Becoming a Healthy Church and crafting a Rule of Life
  • Herb’s gentle spirit, wisdom, and experience are woven throughout this great book. Packed with thought-provoking insight, practical tips, and questions to ponder, Journey With Me is a terrific resource for global servants, sending churches, mission organizations, and those praying about a call to cross-cultural work. Truly a must read for anyone desiring deeper intimacy with Christ.
    Scott Vair President/CEO, World Orphans

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