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Integral Ministry Training

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Table of Contents

Foreword by William D. Taylor

Preface by Rodolfo Girón

Section 1: The Foundations of Integral Training

Chapter 1: The Integral Ministry Training Journey

Chapter 2: Philosophy of Integral Ministry Training

Chapter 3: Understanding Integral Ministry Training

Chapter 4: Starting a Ministry Training Program

Chapter 5: Designing Training for Adults

Section 2: The Process of Integral Training Design

Chapter 6: Stakeholder Assumptions and Consensus Building

Chapter 7: The Outcomes Profiling Process

Chapter 8: Writing Learning Objectives

Chapter 9: Designing Learning Experiences

Chapter 10: Evaluating Ministry Training Programs

Section 3: Additional Resources

Program Descriptions

Evaluation Tools


Integral Ministry Training
Design and Evaluation
Robert Brynjolfson & Jonathan Lewis, Editors

Whole Person Training

Missionary attrition is a painful topic, but it does not need to remain a painful reality. In many cases, it is directly related to the lack of effective, pre-field training. Integral Ministry Training addresses the training needs of the entire person, focusing on who the person is (body, soul, and spirit), what they must be able to do, and their individual needs for effective personal and skill development. This approach benefits the life of the vocational Christian worker and increases their success. The churches and agencies who support them and the communities that they serve benefit as well.

Integral Ministry Training summarizes many years of practice and evaluation, incubation, and reflection on the how to train/equip/shape women and men for ministry, whether within cultures or cross-culturally. This manual is an invaluable resource for anyone from the global evangelical community who is involved with training people for ministry. As a textbook, it presents a biblical and educational framework for holistic training as well as a context-sensitive process for the design of new programs and the evaluation of existing programs. Packed with practical examples and aids, it is a tool that trainers will keep handy and use often in their course planning and implementation.

Building on previous publications in the Globalization of Mission Series, Integral Ministry Training calls for shaping men and women in their essential spirituality, their relationality, and the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will allow them not only to survive, but to thrive even in adverse circumstances.

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