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Fruit to Harvest

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Table of Contents


Foreword (Don McCurry)

Abiding in Jesus: An Introduction to Vision 5:9 and Abide, Bear Fruit

A Call to Action: The Abide Commitment (Martin Hall)


Sermon #1

Section 1: Harvest Trends (Stefan Henger, section editor)

Chapter 1:     Extraordinary Boldness to Muslim Peoples: Global Trends Task Force Plenary Presentations, Abide and Bear Abide, Bear Fruit Global Consultation (Jim Haney)

Chapter 2:     Rise of the Majority World: Reasons for Celebration, Caution, and Counsel (John Cheong)

Chapter 3:     Gospel Advance among Muslim Peoples (Jim Haney)

Chapter 4:     Opportunities and Threats in the Muslim World: A Case Study (Pam Arlund)

Chapter 5:     The Faith of Believers from Muslim Backgrounds: A Case Study (Abu Suleman Yahiya)

Chapter 6:     The Love of Faithful Families (Sue Eenigenburg, Naveed, Sara, and Linda Simon)

Chapter 7:     Prayer: The Fuel for Change (Tamara)

Chapter 8:     Organizational Threats and Opportunities (Martin Hall and John Becker) 

Chapter 9:     Assessing Kingdom Movements for Muslim Peoples (Jim Haney)

Chapter 10:     Younger Worker’s Hopes, Dreams, and Prayers in the Muslim World (Michael Kaspar)

Sermon #2

Section 2: Harvest Field (Pam Arlund, section editor)

Chapter 11:      Urban Muslim Peoples: Transitions and New Ethnic Streams among the Least Reached (Minh Ha Nguyen and Marko Pretorius)

Chapter 12:     The Concept of Community and Identity among Muslims: A Case Study (Jonathan and Sofia Morgan)

Chapter 13:     Discipling the Displaced in the Global South (John & Opeyemi Idoko and Namuwoza Wilson)

Chapter 14:     Ministering in the Context of Trauma (Sarah G)

Chapter 15:     Sheep in Need of a Shepherd (Caleb Rome)

Chapter 16:     Living Water for Muslim Women (Moyra Dale, Cathy Hine, and Hasinoro Raja)

Chapter 17:     Understanding the Role of Honor in Muslim Society (Audrey Frank and Jairo de Oliveira)

Chapter 18:     How Would Jesus Shepherd an MBB’s Heart? (David F. Arzouni)

Sermon #3

Section 3: Harvest Force (Nate Scholtz, section editor)

Chapter 19:     The Current Shift in Leadership from Expatriate to Local Workers (Gene Daniels)

Chapter 20:     The Joy of the Harvest (Leina E.)

Chapter 21:     Suffering as a Blessing! (B. Osman)

Chapter 22:     House Lights: Slaves Who Bring Freedom (Gene Daniels and Brother Barnabas)

Sermon #4

Section 4: Harvest Pathways (Gene Daniels, section editor)

Chapter 23:     Sending Structures that Work: Unleashing the Global South (FD and JS)

Chapter 24:     Mobilizing for the Unengaged through Diaspora Ministry (Dr. Brian Hébert)

Chapter 25:     Extreme Threats Require Good Preparation (Brian Eckheart)

Chapter 26:     The Gift of Presence (Shodankeh Johnson and John Becker)

Chapter 27:     Factors that Multiply Movements (Shalom and Trevor)

Chapter 28:     Indigenous Media Can Spark Disciplemaking Movements to Christ (Calvin and Carol Conkey)

Chapter 29:     Peacemaking in Albania and Kosovo (David Shenk)

Chapter 30:     Fruitful Practices Learning Communities (Nate Scholz and Larry Burke)

Sermon #5


Fruit to Harvest
Witness of God’s Great Work among Muslims
Gene Daniels, Pam Arlund, Jim Haney - (editors)
Fruit to Harvest is a cultural anthology written by a diverse group of gospel workers who live with and love Muslims. You will join a global mission conversation at the forefront of gospel advance—the world of Islam. Like its predecessor (From Seed to Fruit), this book is the result of a global consultation sponsored by the Vision 5:9 Network.

This volume is a storehouse of missiology that offers:

• Reflections from 47 writers hailing from 21 different countries
• Fresh case studies from the field of Muslim ministry
• Strategies for overcoming barriers to reaching Muslims
• Insights from hundreds of testimonies taken from field workers in 30 different agencies working across the Muslim world.


  • God’s Spirit is moving across the Muslim world in unprecedented ways. It is truly astounding. Fruit to Harvest is not only encouraging, but it documents best practices of highly effective Christians reaching all corners of the Muslim world. You see the fingerprints of God all over the pages of this book.

    Dan Hitzhusen, Global Church-Planting strategist 

  • This book is the latest broad update of what God is doing in the Muslim World today. It is based on a large consultation in Chiang May, Thailand, in 2017 with a significant percentage of converts from Islam. Within the turmoil of the news, the church is growing as never before, with implications for nationals and expatriates alike.

    Dr. J. Dudley Woodberry, Dean Emeritus and Senior Professor of Islamic Studies School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

  • I found Fruit to Harvest to be a collection of captivating stories of mustard seeds of God's kingdom planted in what seemed for generations to be desert places, but now these seeds are becoming large trees before our very eyes. The stories are so significant not only because they are told by the people who have experienced those stories, but also describe how Jesus is building His Church all over the world.

    Dr. Bekele Shanko, Vice President for Cru & President for GACX

  • This compendium will become a classic reference book for those seriously engaged in work among Muslims.

    Victor Hashweh,  United Family International. London, United Kingdom

  • Fruit to Harvest is an important current resource for anyone working in Muslim ministries or praying for Muslims. Inside you’ll find latest trends in Muslim ministry, stories and ideas emanating from the global south and guidance to help identify and reach vast communities still unengaged with the Gospel.

    Ken Nomadic, Peoples Network

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