The Ralph D. Winter Story

How One Man Dared to Shake Up World Missions
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Legendary missionary strategist Ralph D. Winter always provoked strong reactions, one way or another. This long overdue book captures both the genius and the controversy of a self-described “social engineer,” named by Time magazine as one of the 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America.

  • ISBN: 9780878084968
  • Pages: 192
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2012
  • Publisher: William Carey Library


There was never a time when my life and that of my late husband intersected with Ralph Winter’s life that we were not confronted and challenged by his amazing thinking. Bill and Ralph were roommates at Princeton Theological Seminary and remained friends and mutual encouragers through the years of their separate ministries. This volume portrays the development of Ralph’s thinking that led to his initiating the Roberta Winter Institute. In his captivating style, Harold Fickett draws his readers into Ralph’s godly, productive life.

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The Ralph D. Winter Story is this year’s most important missions book, science book, history book, and how-to-change-the-world book! It’s also a loving tribute to one of the greatest innovators and teachers of our time. Ralph D. Winter initiated more God-glorifying ideas every decade than all the previous decades of his life combined. The most important legacy Winter wished to leave was a generation of world changers who would join Jesus Christ in destroying the works of the devil. That is the task remaining for those of us who knew Ralph Winter and those fortunate readers who will meet him in Fickett’s superb book.

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Having known him for 40+ years and having recently read Parsons' dissertation I thought I knew my friend quite well.  But here I found the pilgrimage of the inner Ralph and found I hardly knew him!

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I enjoyed the book immensely.... Moving to the USCWM for 6 glorious years of almost daily contact with Ralph, my faith was forever changed…. Ralph's insights into Kingdom Theology and intelligent evil design have significantly influenced my ministry and message...

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Fickett’s work on Winter is a joy to read. Students of mission, those seeking to understand twentieth century evangelicalism, and those seeking personal inspiration for their callings will all benefit from these pages.

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Table of Contents


1 God’s Genius
2 Bang for the Buck
3 A Wartime Lifestyle
4 Scientists in Love
5 Crossing the Frontiers
6 Solving an Equation of Distance and Time
7 Lessons Learned and Taught
8 Wagering Everything
9 “You Will Say to This Mountain”
10 Is the Terror of Creation God’s Will?
11 Vicious Creation
12 Grief and Its Evil Cause
13 Life Together
14 The Role of a Lifetime Becomes a Legacy

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