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A Worldview Approach to Ministry Among Muslim Women

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Part I Foundational Issues: Understanding Muslim Women

  • 1 Christ the Hope of Muslim Women
  • 2 How to Study Women in their Cultural Context
  • 3 Deep Knowledge: Understanding a Popular Muslim Worldview
  • 4 Honor and Shame in Muslim Contexts
  • 5. Muslim Family Law and Its Implications for Christian Ministry

Part II Area Studies: Understanding Muslim Worldviews

  • 6 Faith on Camel Back: Reaching Non Arabic-Speaking, Urban, Less Educated Women
  • 7 Offering Bread Not Stones: Reaching Educated Arabic-Speaking Muslim Women
  • 8 How Will They Hear?: Reaching the Muslim Women of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • 9 Stories Along the Silk Road: Reaching Women in Central Asia, Russian and China
  • 10 A Life of Ironies: Reaching South Asian Educated Urban Muslim Woman
  • 11 Christ in their Midst: Evangelism and church planting among Southeast Asian Muslim Women
  • 12 The Unknown Sect of Islam: Reaching Wahhabi Women
  • 13 A Mystic Union: Reaching Sufi Women
  • 14 A Quest for Identity: Reaching Second and Third Generation Immigrant Muslim Women

Part III Strategic Issues: Discipling Women in Muslim Contexts

  • 15 Communicating Christ in Contexts of Persecution
  • 16 Using Qur'anic Themes for Apologetics and Witness
  • 17 Signs and Symbols in the Land
  • 18 Networking: Forming and Maintaining Strategic Partnerships
  • 19 Discipling Muslim Background Believers
  • 20 Leadership Development of MBB Women: Models and Resources

Part IV Case Studies: Worldview Transitions

  • 21 From Newspaper Ads to Church
  • 22 Joining God Where He is at Work: Facilitating a church planting Movement in Central Asia
  • 23 Combining Local Witness and Non-Residential church planting
  • 24 Mobilizing Near-Culture Believers for Prayer, Evangelism and church planting
  • 25 Chronological Bible Storytelling in East Africa
  • 26 Planting a Church in a Muslim Village
  • 27 Sowing in Tears: A Tale from Beirut 


  • I. Cultural research Questions
  • II. Constructing a Worldview: A Development Process
  • III. Constructing a Worldview: A Supplement Instrument
  • IV. Resources for Chronological Bible Storying



by: Cynthia A. Strong (Editor), Meg Page (Editor)
Four years in the making, A Worldview Approach to Ministry Among Muslim Women is a ground-breaking exploration into the way culture and worldview affect ministry among Muslim women. Using original field research from eight different language and culture groups, the book explores a variety of ministries among Muslim women and provides tools to analyze their effectiveness. With contributions from scholars, field workers and agency administrators, readers are encouraged in a holistic Muslim ministry perspective through in-depth studies in Muslim beliefs, anthropological tools, worldview analyses, and explorations in strategic issues and discipleship. The book concludes with case studies and discussion questions to provide a comprehensive training manual for workers and students alike.


  • Whether or not Muslim women wear veils, there have been veils between their faces and those of Christians who long to lead them to Christ. From the inside the veils have blurred the Muslim's view of Jesus, and from the outside they have obscured the Christian's perception of the variety of faces behind the veils and the divergent ways they see the world. The present book gives clarity to the views in both directions.
    J. Dudley Woodberry, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Reading this book is akin to slipping on cross-cultural glasses to see and better understand the worldview of Muslim women. It should be a "must-read" for those who endeavor to work in an Islamic context. This book will enhance your vision for effective ministry among Muslim women.
    Robert W. SayerUS Director, Arab Ministries
  • An excellent collection of reflections by academicians and practicioners. Particularly helpful are the several articles relating to Folk Islam and Sufism. The Muslim women case studies open up new vistas of spiritual and anthropological insights. Highly recommended.
    Phil Parshall, SIM

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