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The Only One Checklist

 by: Curtis Sergeant (Author)
 The Only One by Curtis Sergeant, disciple making movement catalyst, is a book about learning to create healthy discipleship practices of your own while having as part of the DNA from the beginning the idea of being a disciple who makes disciples. 

He lays out a clear plan of action for use in his book and it is based on this rhythm (check off the box when you've completed the step for each chapter you read): 

  1. Read & Process the chapter.
  2. Apply the contents to your life.
  3. Teach someone the contents of this chapter.
  4. Has the person you taught applied the contents to their life? 
  5. Has that person taught someone else what you taught them? 

For an easy checklist for all of these steps through the entire book, download this free "The Only One Checklist" to help you stay organized and track your progress.

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  • Publisher:  William Carey Publishing
  • Binding: PDF
  • Publish Year:  2019
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