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Effective Engagement in Short-term Missions (EMS 16)

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Part I Connecting with Long-Term Missions

  • 1. Short-Term Missions in the Context of Missions, Inc. / A. Scott Moreau.
  • 2. Evaluating Short-Term Missions: Missiological Questions / Alex G. Smith
  • 3. Complementary Aspects of Short-Term Missions and Long-Term Missions: Case Studies for a Win-Win Situation / Enoch Wan and Geoffrey Hartt

Part II Encountering Social Others

  • 4. Avoiding the Ugly Missionary: Anthropology and Short-Term Missions / Steven J. Ybarrola
  • 5. The Myth of the Blank Slate: a Check List for Short-Term Missions / Miriam Adeney
  • 6. The Mindful Missioner / Richard Slimbach

Part III Forging Global Partnerships

  • 7. On the Rhetoric of Short-term Missions Appeals, with Suggestions for Team Leaders / Edwin Zehner
  • 8. Friendship is Forever: Congregation-to-congregation Relationships / C.M. Brown
  • 9. Urban Church Resources for Short-term Mission / Chin T. Wang (John)
  • 10. Women as Resource Brokers: STM trips, Social and Organizational Ties, and Mutual Resource Benefits / Kersten Bayt Priest
  • 11. Short-term Missions are Bigger Than you Think: Implications for the Glocal Church / Rolando W. Cuellar

Part IV Carrying Out Specialized Ministries

  • 12. Short-term Medical Missions: a Practitioner's Perspective on Effective Strategies / Daniel W. O'Neill
  • 13. Children at Risk in Short-term Missional Engagement / Greg W. Burch
  • 14. Missional Business Professionals: the Strategic and Practical Use of Business Professionals as Empowered Partners in Short-term Missions / Mark Russell

Part V Considering Legal and Liability Issues in Short-term Missions

  • 15. Short-term Missions and the Law: Lessons from Canada / Charles A. Cook
  • 16. Short-term Missions: Avoiding Liability Pitfalls / Michelle A. Walker-Adams and Scott Ross

Part VI Evaluating and Improving the Impact of STM on Participants

  • 17. Lessons from the Sapling: Review of Quantitative Research on Short-term Missions / Kurt Alan Ver Beek
  • 18. Researching Short-term Missions and Paternalism / Kyeong Sook Park.
  • 19. The Impact of Urban Short-term Projects on the Social Connections of Evangelical College Students / Rick Richardson
  • 20. Student Sojourners and Spiritual Formation: Understanding the Intersection of Cross-cultural Adjustment and Spiritual Disorientation / Murray S. Decker
  • 21. From "Whatever" to Wherever: Enhancing Faith Formation in Young Adults through Short-term Missions / Fran Blomberg
  • 22. Supervisors for Short-term Mission Experiences: Thinking About Selection / Vicki Gascho

Effective Engagement in Short-term Missions (EMS 16)
Doing it Right!
Robert Priest
Effective Engagement in Short-term Missions represents the single most ambitious effort to date to understand and improve upon patterns of ministry in STM. In six sections, the authors explore topics such as the links between STM and older patterns of long-term missions; engagement with people of other cultures; international partnerships; specialized ministries such as medical missions; legal and financial liabilities; and last but not least, the impact of STM on participants. The goal of this book is to improve the ways in which STM is carried out and to improve the understandings needed on the part of all who engage in the ministry. In short, this book attempts to provide a knowledge base for those who provide leadership within the short term missions movement. Youth pastors, mission pastors, lay leaders, college and seminary students, and missiologists will all find information that is helpful and relevant to their concerns.

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