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Appropriate Christianity

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List of Contributors

Part I Introduction

1. Why Appropriate?

2. The Development of Contextualization Theory in EuroAmerican Missiology

3. The Missionary Encounter with Culture Since the Seventeenth Century

4. The Function of Appropriate Contextualization In Mission

5. Why Isn’t Contextualization Implemented?

Part II Appropriate Christianity

6. Is Christianity a Religion or Faith? 

7. Contextualization in Three Crucial Dimensions

8. From Systematic and Biblical to Missional Theology

9. The Hebraic Covenant As a Model for Contextualization

10. Meaning Equivalence Contextualization

11. Dynamic of Contextualization

12. Five Perspectives of Contextually Appropriate Missional Theology

13. Toward a Contextually Appropriate Methodology in Mission Theology

14. Appropriate Hermeneutics

15. Contextualization and Time: Generational Appropriateness

16. Power-Giving Leadership: Transformation for a Missional Church

Part III Proactive Missiology: The Challenge

17. How Appropriate is in the Church Growth Paradigm in Today’s Mission Contexts?

18. Variations on a Theme of Appropriate Contextualization: Music Lessons from Africa

19. Appropriate Relationships

20. Contextualizing the Relationship Dimension of the Christian Life

21. Spiritual Power: A Missiological Issue

22. Appropriate Contextualization of Spiritual Power

23. Appropriate Approaches in Muslim Contexts

24. A Typology of Approaches to Thai Folk Buddhists

25. Renewal, Revival, and Contextualization

26. Appropriate Witness to Postmodern: Re-Incarnating the Way of Jesus In 21st Century Western Culture

27. Reciprocal Contextualization

Part IV Final Word

28. The Incarnation as Matrix for Appropriate Theologies by Dean S. Gilliland

Vita of Dean S. Gilliland

Bibliography of Dean S. Gilliland

List of Students of Dean S. Gilliland

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Scripture Index

Author Index

General Index

Format: Paperback
by: Charles H. Kraft (Editor)

Appropriate Christianity consists of 28 chapters by 18 authors approaching contextualization in three dimensions: truth, allegiance and spiritual power. Over the years, there have been quite a number of helpful discussions of the contextualization of theological truth. Though we have been helped greatly by them, it is high time we began to deal also with allegiance and spiritual power, two additional dimensions that Jesus considered of great importance. Any adequate and appropriate treatment of the contextualization of biblical Christianity needs to deal with all three of these “crucial dimensions.” For allegiance to Christ is the basis for all we do that makes us Christian, and Jesus was very much into spiritual power. If we are to be truly biblical, we must deal also with these areas.

This book is not a festschrift even though it is dedicated to Dr. Dean S. Gilliland, who joined the faculty of Fuller’s School of Intercultural Studies in 1977 and has since been developing an emphasis on teaching and research concerning contextualized theology. This is a textbook aimed at expanding our understanding of contextualization and better enabling us to effectively and appropriately communicate biblical Christianity.


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