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Supracultural Gospel

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Table of Contents


Part 1- Introduction: Swimming in a New “Pond”

Chapter 1- A Ready-Made Suit

Part 2- What Are the Cultural Boxes of the Gospel in the East and the West?

Chapter 2- Western Boxes of the Gospel

Chapter 3- Eastern Boxes That Restrict the Gospel from a Chinese Perspective

Chapter 4- Eastern Boxes That Restrict the Gospel from a Japanese and Thai Perspective

Part 3- The Supracultural Gospel beyond the Cultural Boxes

Chapter 5- The Core of the Supracultural Gospel

Chapter 6- Introducing the Author of Salvation

Chapter 7- Reframing Sin

Chapter 8- Amazing Grace

Chapter 9- The Indwelling Holy Spirit

Chapter 10- Belonging to the Body of Christ

Chapter 11- The Primacy of God’s Mission in the World

Part 4- Discipleship Essentials That Undergrid Thinking Outside the Box

Chapter 12- A Christian Mind

Chapter 13- Five Essential Attitudes

Chapter 14- Christ’s Lordship in the Believer’s Life

Chapter 15- Internalizing God’s Word

Chapter 16- Powerful Prayer

Chapter 17- Effective Spiritual Warfare

Part 5- Practical Examples of Living Outside the Box

Chapter 18- Transformed Living Outside the Box

Chapter 19- Bridging Faith

Chapter 20- Serving Christ through Suffering for His Name

Chapter 21- Living on God’s Kingdom Agenda in China

Chapter 22- Rerooting the Gospel in Japan



Supracultural Gospel
Bridging East and West
Mary Lou Codman-Wilson and Alex Zhou

A Fresh Look at Contextualization

Positive cross-cultural communication is an essential skill when sharing the gospel. Unfortunately, many common Western biblical constructs create stumbling blocks for people of different backgrounds, causing them to reject the gospel. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Join Drs. Mary Lou Codman-Wilson and Alex Zhou as they dialogue about Alex’s experience becoming a believer in the US and his struggle to share his faith when he returned to China. They model a process of examining our cultural worldview to overcome the tensions associated with living out our faith in a context dominated by different religious or secular systems.

Supracultural Gospel presents seven principles to adapt the gospel to bridge East and West; essential attitudes and practices of emotionally healthy and spiritually discerning discipleship; and key gospel concepts in non-Western terms, while retaining biblical accuracy.

Written in a highly conversational tone and validated with personal stories from many Asian internationals, Supracultural Gospel is a powerful and practical tool for those who are passionate about cross-cultural discipleship. Are you ready to unpack your worldview and embrace a supracultural gospel?


  • With her abundant experience with students from all around the world, her caring heart for them, and her listening ears to the Holy Spirit, Dr. Mary Lou gives us the wisdom to navigate cultural differences between Asia and the United States. I believe that Supracultural Gospel will encourage and strengthen Asian students spiritually—as it did me!

    Miyuki Asada, MA (Japan),  TeachBeyond Global Member-Care Counselor for Single Women   

  • Mary Lou is a warrior of prayer. Her prayers encourage those who are tempted to abandon their faith in Jesus because of their cultural background. Her intimate fellowship with internationals from many nations, especially Asian, along with her biblical and academic knowledge, have woven this book. For a quarter of a century, Mary Lou has been a lighthouse for me to know Jesus.

    Michiko Takahashi, PhD (Japan) Author of Child Developmental Psychology and Graphic Developmental Psychology in Early Childhood

  • In my eyes, “global vision, missionary’s heart” are the best words to describe Dr. Mary Lou. And this book perfectly reflects her vision and her heart. I believe that readers who have cross-cultural background or experience will benefit from this book, just as I benefit from my mentorship with Dr. Mary Lou.

    Bing Lui, MDiv, MA (China) Translator; Instructor, Timothy Training International

  • As an InterVarsity staff and cross-cultural worker among international students, I have found Dr. Mary Lou to be a model of Christ’s love for the world—devoted to Christ in her personal life and deeply committed to bringing the love of Christ to others, especially international students. Mary Lou is keenly aware of cross-cultural differences and compassionate toward the stresses internationals face in American culture. Her identification with spiritual leaders in other cultures should help us look beyond our own cultural insularity, identify with the common struggles we share with Christians in many cultures, and inspire a wide readership.

    Ned Hale, MDiv (US) National Archivist, InterVarsity USA Former National Director of International Student Ministry, InterVarsity USA

  • I was so excited when I heard that Dr. Mary Lou is authoring this book! I have never seen such passion from a pastor to help us Asian international students maintain and grow in our faith when we go back to our respective countries. This book addresses critical issues for us in contextualizing our faith in our home context, since so much of the doctrine and theology that shape our faith are from a Western perspective.

    Hanny Tishriana Wuysang, MA (Indonesia) Counselor Education doctoral student, Western Michigan University

  • Dr. Alex Zhou leaves me deeply impressed with his determination to understand God’s Word. I invited Alex to assist me in evaluating Bible study materials for usage at the Island ECC (Evangelical Community Church). Alex devoted a tremendous amount of time to reading the materials, yet his passion for understanding God’s Word never waned, even as we studied for hours every week for two months. Alex not only studies the Bible, but also practices God’s Word in his everyday life.

    Alan Leung (Hong Kong) Deputy Director of Men’s Ministry, Island Evangelical Community Church, Hong Kong

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