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The Missionary Family (EMS 22)

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Dwight P. Baker

Part One: Families in Mission

Introduction: Families in Mission by Robert J. Priest

1 Walter and Ingrid Trobisch and a Missiology of “Couple Power” by Anneke Stasson

2 Experiencing Risk: Missionary Families in Dangerous Places by Donald Grigorenko and Margaret Grigorenko

3 The Family and Missions: Reflections from the Life of a U.S. Missionary by Jerry Rankin

4 Caring for the Parents of Missionaries: A Case Study of Global Bible Translators by Sunny Hong

5 The “Family Problem”: Challenges in Balancing Maternity and Mission in Nineteenth-Century Equatorial Africa by Mary Carol Cloutier

6 William Carey’s Vision for Missionary Families by Andrew D. McFarland

Part Two: Responding to MK Sexual Abuse and to Reports of Abuse Based on Recovered Memories

Introduction: Responding to MK Sexual abuse and to reports of abuse Based on recovered Memories by Robert J. Priest

7 Getting It Right, Healing the Wrong: Legal Issues in Protecting Children and Organizations from Child Sexual Abuse by Theresa Lynn Sidebotham

8 Out of the Past: Assessing Historical Reports of Sexual Abuse by Philip Jenkins

9 Recovered Memories and Accusations of Sexual Abuse: A Review of Scientific Research Relevant to Missionary Contexts by David R. Dunaetz

10 Malleability of Memory: Evaluating Testimony and Accusations within the Mission Community by Raymond Phinney

Part Three: Forum on Sexual Orientation and Mission: An Evangelical Discussion

Introduction: Forum on Sexual Orientation and Mission: An Evangelical Discussion by Dwight P. Baker

11 Gay and Lesbian Christians: Framing Questions and Clarifying the Debate about a Place in Church and Mission for Evangelical LGBTQ Youth by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter

12 Lingenfelter Raises Questions Other than those He Has Stated by Andrew J. B. Cameron

13 Same-Sex relationships: Toward an Old Testament Orientation by M. Daniel Carroll R.

14 Rrgent Question, but with Marked Reservations by Graham A. Cole .

15 Asking the Bible for Answers to Questions It Does Not Ask by John Goldingay

16 Experience at the Heart of the Matter by Joshua W. Jipp

17 The Church’s Definitive Teaching by Stanton L. Jones

18 The Impact of Contemporary Trends in Sexuality on Mission Agencies by Phillip Marshall

19 A complex Multilevel Issue by Craig Ott

20 Exploring Conversations on Same-Sex Attraction by Jenell Paris

21 Breaking the Evangelical Silence on Sex—With Clarity by Kersten Bayt Priest

22 Additional Questions by Steven C. Roy

23 Widening the Field of Vision by Michael A. Rynkiewich

24 The View from a University President’s Office by David Wright

25 Tensions between “What Should Be ” and “What Is”: A Response by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter



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The Missionary Family (EMS 22)
Witness, Concerns, Care
Dwight P. Baker and Robert J. Priest

Lifting Up a Vision of Holiness

The Missionary Family delves into the complex role that missionary families play in the Protestant missionary movement. The presence of families in mission fields has both enabled and restricted the outreach of Protestant missions, raising unique concerns for the conduct of mission workers. Part 1 explores the significance of missionary families and their impact on missionary outreach, including the role of missionary children, their status, education, settlement, and contributions to the mission field.

However, the book also addresses a darker side of missionary work that has come to light in recent years: sexual abuse in mission settings. Part 2 examines difficult and pressing questions surrounding this issue, including how to understand allegations of abuse based on recovered memories. Through legal, historical, and psychological perspectives, the book offers insight into how the mission community can address this urgent issue. In addition, Part 3 features a forum on sexual orientation and mission. Fourteen evangelical scholars participate in a discussion that invites ongoing missiological conversation about a timely topic.

The Missionary Family offers a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted role of families in missionary work and provides valuable insights into addressing the serious concerns that have arisen within the mission community.

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