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Ambassadors of Reconciliation (EMS 31)

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Dr. Tony Evans

Preface: Why Reconciliation?

Author Name

Part 1: Reconciliation Theology

Chapter 1: Reconciling All Things: Missional Competencies in a Broken World

Al Tizon

Chapter 2: Reconciliation: A Missionary Paradigm for the Twenty-First Century

Johannes Reimer

Chapter 3: Reconciliation: The Neglected Outcome of Kingdom Mission

Ken Baker

Chapter 4: So That the World Will Know: Reflections on an Evangelical Theology of Christian Others and the Missiological Priority of Christian Unity

Michael Hakmin Lee

Chapter 5: Toward a Theological Account of Christian Forgiveness in Intergenerational Communal Contexts

Kazusa Okaya

Part 2: Reconciliation Practices

Chapter 6: Reconciling Discipleship: Living as Ecclesia Wherever We Go

Manuel and Jeanette Böhm

Chapter 7: Worldview Questions in Mission Training and Praxis: The Unintended Consequences of Comfortable Oppositional Thinking

Annette R. Harrison

Chapter 8: Welcomed at God’s Table: Moving from Abstraction to Embodied Reconciliation through Hospitality

Aubry G. Smith

Chapter 9: Marked by Suffering: Discipleship, Sovereignty, and Suffering in the Gospel of Mark and in Mozambique

Alan Howell

Part 3: Reconciliation Case Studies

Chapter 10: Ethnicity, Reconciliation, and the Church in Myanmar

Arend A. C. Van Dorp

Chapter 11: Community-Based Reconciliation: A Case Study of the Sawi Peace Child Story

Dr. Yakubu Jakada

Chapter 12: Effective Discipleship for Reconciliation: Case of Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda

Kwizera Emmanuel

Chapter 13: An Invitation to the Table: Stories of Mission, Reconciliation, and Food

Andrea Chang and Nelson Chang

Chapter 14: The Missional Fruit of Reconciliation: The Impact of Armenian and Turkish Reconciliation over the Armenian Genocide

James Jacob Pursley

Appendix: Resources for Next Steps

About the Editors and Contributors

Ambassadors of Reconciliation (EMS 31)
God’s Mission through Missions for All
Geoff Hartt, Michael A. Ortiz, and Manuel Böhm (editors)

Reconciling Practice and Theology

What does reconciliation have to do with the work of missions? In today’s conflict-ridden world, the concept of reconciliation has gained traction, and Christian missions is being rethought. The whole world cries out for holistic transformation with eternal value, and God’s people are called to be his ambassadors.

Ambassadors of Reconciliation lays the groundwork for exploring a new paradigm for missions. Divided into three parts, the book first establishes the theological foundations of reconciliation. The second part then shows how theory and practice go hand in hand. Finally, the third part uses case studies to highlight the importance of understanding brokenness, conflict, and culture for effective ministry in reconciliation.

The contributors challenge readers to consider the church’s role in God's mission and how every Christian can become an envoy of his restoration work. They emphasize the spiritual dimension of reconciliation and offer practical guidance for effectively engaging in ministry. Whether you are a missionary, pastor, or someone interested in promoting restoration in the world, this book provides valuable insights and tools for your journey.


  • The authors of this compendium argue persuasively and passionately from Scripture that holistic kingdom mission must include reconciliation. Blending theology, practice, and case studies, their invitations to restoring broken relationships include examples from multiple continents and contexts. This volume offers a timely appeal in our divided world. 
    David W. Bennett, DMin, PhDGlobal Associate Director and Congress Director, Seoul 2024, Lausanne Movement 
  • How refreshing to read this collection of articles addressing the brokenness of our world with a message of hope! Seeing reconciliation as part of our shared calling motivates these writers to reflect theologically, identify practices of reconciliation, and offer case studies for consideration. People, created in God’s image and likeness, and their interactions lie at the heart of these articles. Jesus calls us to be peacemakers (Matt 5:9), and Paul says the church has been given the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5; Eph 2). Peacemaking and reconciliation offer an attractive paradigm for mission in the world today.
    Jonathan Bornman, PhDEMM Christian-Muslim Relations Team
  • Ambassadors of Reconciliation is an inspired vision to reframe mission as reconciliation with God and our neighbor in all the dimensions where sin has divided and defiled us. This compendium is a comprehensive treatment of the subject—from the broadest biblical underpinnings to its practical expressions through reconciling disciples. In our war torn, justice thirsty world this volume offers a path forward. The Suffering Servant Sovereign King sends us as his incarnational ambassadors of reconciliation, with the humility and awareness that we have much work to do.
    Randy FriesenVP for Leadership Development, Global Disciples
  • A cynical view of the world might believe that nothing is more constant than conflict, brokenness, and war. Yet the Christian hope is that God is quietly and consistently at work restoring and reconciling the world to himself through Jesus and his Spirit. I’m glad to see this timely set of theological, practical, and contextual reflections on the centrality of reconciliation and peacemaking in gospel work. My prayer is that it will serve as a catalyst to the Christian imagination of what our communities and our world might look like if only we truly believed, and lived, as if this Christian hope is true.
    David Guretzki, PhDPresident and Resident Theologian, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
  • God’s mission of reconciling all things to himself (2 Cor 5:19) speaks to the heart of the gospel, and therefore to us as we bear this good news of reconciliation. The need for conversations on reconciliation grows in urgency as the world around us fractures. I have been deeply challenged and inspired by this landmark publication for EMS. Bringing together diverse voices contributing to the 2022EMS conference on reconciliation and mission, it demonstrates our growth as a society and deepening commitment to shalom and whole-life participation in the missio Dei.
    Robin Harris, PhDPresident, Global Ethnodoxology NetworkChair, Center for Excellence in World Arts at Dallas International UniversityPast president, EMS (2020–2022)
  • A major challenge today lies in pursuing peace and reconciliation at different levels of society. The EMS 2022 compilation is a tremendous recourse with practical and pragmatic ideas on peace building. This compilation is critical for Africa, a continent which has experienced turmoil from precolonial times to date, events which have resulted in intergenerational trauma. This book is profoundly helpful,and insightful, with remarkable case studies as it helps church leaders and others build a theological framework for reconciliation.
    Martin KapendaPRN African Regional Coordinator
  • This magnificent collection of theology, praxis, and real examples rekindles our imagination for how good the good news really is and how great the great commission of Jesus must be. In a world fractured and fragmented by sin, the global voices of the contributors create a compelling chorus. Get this book to be challenged to embrace and pursue with deeper consideration and renewed vigor the reconciling mission of God.
    Walter KimPresident, National Association of Evangelicals
  • Peace and reconciliation cannot be understood without an understanding of the mission. This book is a great help in understanding the mission for peace and reconciliation that is most needed in today’s world. It is important because it encompasses a theological perspective and practical practices of mission, peace, and reconciliation.
    Thir KoiralaAsia Coordinator, Peace and Reconciliation Network

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  • Pages: 246
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
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  • Publish Year: 2023
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