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Spiritual Power and Missions (EMS 3)

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Edward Rommen

Chapter 1- Missiological Syncretism: The New Animistic Paradigm

Robert J. Priest, Thomas Campbell, and Bradford A. Mullen

Chapter 2 – “Christian Animism” or God-Given Authority?

Charles H. Kraft

Chapter 3 – Biblical Intercession: Spiritual Power to Change our World.

Patrick Johnstone

Spiritual Power and Missions (EMS 3)
Raising the Issues
Edward Rommen
This third volume in the EMS series represents a conversation between five renowned missiologists who raise important questions about spiritual powers in missions. In chapter one, the authors examine specific ideas commonly found in missiological literature concerning spiritual warfare. They contend that several popular assumptions are based on animism and magic rather than biblical teaching.

In chapter two, Charles Kraft offers a counterargument, explaining how Christians can exercise their God-given authority in the spirit realm. He addresses key methodological issues, such as the role of experience and its relationship to biblical interpretation.

Finally, Patrick Johnstone reflects on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He explores how intercessory prayer contributes to the task of world evangelization. His chapter brings balance to people’s common tendency only to focus on demonic powers. Overall, Spiritual Power and Missions presents a balanced and engaging debate that will spur fresh missiological conversations.

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  • Pages: 278
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 1995
  • ISBN: 9781645085164
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