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Diaspora Missiology (EMS 23)

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Table of Contents


Introduction 1 by Michael Pocock

Introduction 2 by Enoch Wan

Part One: The Current Phenomenon of Global Diasporas

Chapter One: Global Migration: Where Do We Stand? by Michael Pocock

Chapter Two: Mapping the Diaspora with Facebook by Trevor Castor

Chapter Three: The Muslim Diaspora by Mark Hausfeld and Joshua Fletcher (Pseudonym)

Part Two: Theory and Models of Diaspora Missiology

Chapter Four: Assessing the Value of Diaspora Community Input in Missiological Research by Fred Farrokh

Chapter Five: Mission by and beyond the Diaspora: Partnering with Diaspora Believers to

Reach Other Immigrants and the Local People by Stan Downes

Part Three: Biblical and Theological Guidelines

Chapter Six: Diaspora Ministry in the Book of Acts: Insights from Two Speeches of the

Apostle Paul to Help Guide Diaspora Ministry Today by Larry W. Caldwell

Chapter Seven: God’s New Humanity in Diaspora: A Church of the Nations and for the Nations by David Stevens

Part Four: Strategy and Models

Chapter Eight: Three Models of Acculturation: Applications for Developing a Church Planting

Strategy among Diaspora Populations by David R. Dunaetz

Chapter Nine: The “With” of Diaspora Missiology: The Impact of Kinship, Honor, and Hospitality on the Future of Missionary Training, Sending, and Partnership by Jacques Hébert

Part Five: Case Studies in Diaspora Missions

Chapter Ten: Mission and the Palestinian Diaspora by Andrew F. Bush

Chapter Eleven: The Ethiopian Diaspora: Ethiopian Immigrants as Cross-cultural Missionaries;

Activating the Diaspora for Great Commission Impact by Jessica A. Udall

Part Six: The Way Forward

Chapter Twelve: Organizing to Reach the Diaspora: A Case Study of The International Mission Board, SBC; Changing Its Overseas Structure from Geographic Components to Global

Affinity Groups by Jerry Rankin

Chapter Thirteen: Diaspora Missiology and Beyond: Paths Taken and Ways Forward by Enoch Wan

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Appendix 2

Appendix 3

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Diaspora Missiology (EMS 23)
Reflections on Reaching the Scattered Peoples of the World
Michael Pocock and Enoch Wan

Cultural Change and the Church

For many years, cross-cultural missions were directed to people in the countries of their birth, generally in Majority World areas. Foreigners present among or around the intended focus of ministry were not viewed as part of mission ministry. However, diaspora missions intentionally focuses on these peoples.

Diaspora Missiology will help you understand the dynamics behind this accelerated movement of peoples from one region to another, and biblical principles and precedents that guide ministry today. This book also includes the application of social and communication studies, as well as actual cases of ministry to and with diaspora peoples. The chapters in this book show from the creation mandate in Genesis to the explanations of Paul in Acts 17, God meets individuals and nations in the midst of their journeys, alternately blessing, showing himself, and protecting his people through movement.

It seems that God is orchestrating global migration with a view to blessing humanity, populating his creation, and drawing people to himself. This book will aid us in understanding and interacting ministerially with the scattered peoples of the world.

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