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Reaching the City (EMS 20)

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Section 1: Today’s Emerging Megacities in Global Perspective 

The Strategic Nature of Urban Ministry by Alan McMahan

The Next Frontier: The Implications for Missions of Global Urbanization in the Twenty-first Century by Bob Garrett

Emerging Global Mega-Regions and Globalization:Missiological Implications by Gary Fujino and John Cheong

Section 2: Historical and Theological Perspectives on the City 

Basil of Caesarea: An Early Christian Model of Urban Mission by Edward L. Smither

Jacques Ellul’s Contribution to an Evangelical Theology of the City by Stephen Strauss

Section 3: Theological Education and Training for Ministry in Today’s Cities

Riots in the City: Replacing Nineteenth-century Urban Training Models with Relevant “Urbanized” Training Models for the Twenty-first Century by Larry W. Caldwell and Enoch Wan

“Let Those in the City Get Out”: Making a Way of Escape by Larry Poston

Section 4: Contemporary Case Studies on Today’s Cities

Examining Evangelical Concentrations and International Migrations in the US and Canada: A Call for More and Better Urban Research by J. D. Payne

Extreme Makeover: Church Addition (Church Mergers as an Opportunity for Urban Missions) by Derek Chinn

From Niche to Parish: A Qualitative Study of Congregations Engaging Transitional Neighborhoods by Kathryn Lewis Mowry

Immigrant Communities in America—Objects of Mission or Missional Agents? The Case of the Church of Pentecost (Ghana) in Urban America by Birgit Herppich

Appropriating Faith within the City: An Examination of Urban Youth Ministry in Immigrant Churches by Janice A. McLean

A New Day Dawning in the Old Country? Twenty-first-century Urban Trends in Germany and Their Implications for Urban Church Planting by Stephen Beck

Islam in Urban America: Developing Strategy to Reach Diaspora Muslims through the Local Church by Mark Hausfeld


Scripture Index 

Reaching the City (EMS 20)
Reflections on Urban Mission for the Twenty-first Century
Gary Fujino, Timothy R. Sisk, and Tereso Casiño

Opportunities of Urbanization

Rapid urbanization and globalization have transformed our world. With over half of the world's population residing in cities, the implications for mission work in urban contexts are significant. Reaching the City: Reflections on Urban Mission for the 21st Century addresses the missiological challenges associated with this new world order.

This collection of essays features authors who build upon the seminal writings of Ray Bakke, Jacques Ellul, Basil of Caesarea, and others while providing new and creative proposals for urban mission. The book first explores the global challenges of urbanization and then moves through theological, historical, and educational perspectives. The volume concludes with case studies that engage with the realities of North American and international cities, offering inspiration for missional efforts to reach these communities.

With the United Nations reporting that the number of urban dwellers in Asia and Africa is increasing by an average of one million per week, this book is particularly relevant. The authors recognize the urgent need to address the missiological challenges of urbanization and offer thoughtful and practical suggestions for how mission work can effectively engage with these communities. Reaching the City is an essential resource for anyone interested in urban mission and mission work in general.

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