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Missions in Context of Violence (EMS 15)

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Table of Contents

Foreword – Keith E. Eitel

Author Profiles

General Reflections on Missions in Contexts of Violence

Chapter 1 – David W. Shenk 1Three Journeys: Jesus—Constantine—Muhammad

Chapter 2 – J. Nelson Jennings Christian Mission and “Glocal” Violence in 2006 AD Biblical and Theological Foundations for Engaging in Contexts of Violence

Chapter 3 – Steve Clinton The Biblical Context of Violence and Response

Chapter 4 – J. D. Payne Missions in the Context of Violence: A New Testament Response

Chapter 5 – Charles L. Tieszen Mission in Contexts of Violence: Forging Theologies of Persecution and Martyrdom

Chapter 6 – Hau Chang Chua Divine Suffering and Divine Grace: A Missiological Interpretation of Kitamori Kazō’s Pain of God Theology Lifestyles, Strategies, and Practices in Contexts of Violence

Chapter 7 – Marti Smith Choosing How to Live in a Muslim Context:Case Studies from Missionary Women

Chapter 8 – Dale M. Wolyniak New Mission Strategies for Working in a Context of Violence

Chapter 9 – Barry Stricker and Nik Ripken Muslim Background Believers and Baptism in Cultures of Persecution and Violence

Chapter 10 – Ralph D. Winter Mission’s Greatest Enemy, Greatest Violence

Chapter 11 – Chris Lindley and Molly Wall ”Violent Words” in a Shrinking World: A Biblical Response Area or Thematic Specific Studies of Contexts of Violence

Chapter 12 – E. Paul Balisky and Lila W. Balisky The Ethiopian Church and Mission in Contexts of Violence: Four Historical Episodes

Chapter 13 – Robert Reese The Benefits of Chaos: Missionary Reflections on Zimbabwe’s Decline

Chapter 14 – David K. Strong From Barbarians to Barbarians: Celtic Missionary Spirituality in the Dark Ages

Chapter 15 – Enoch Wan and Karen Fancher Ministry in the Context of Suffering and Trauma in Southern Sudan

Chapter 16 – John Moldovan Lessons from Ministry in the Context of Eastern European Violence

Chapter 17 – James Butare-Kiyovu Missions and Genocide in Rwanda

Chapter 18 – Tony Maalouf Missions in the Context of Middle Eastern Violence

Chapter 19 – D.M. Kinoti Missions in the Context of Interethnic Violence

Keith E. Eitel
God’s mission often takes his people into contexts of violence. The internet has spread awareness and increased concerns for many people about this type of missionary work. Accordingly, the church needs to hear from those that have reflected on the multifaceted elements related to martyrdom, persecution, and violence. Jesus warned that these things would come to countless followers who retell the gospel story.

The contributors of Missions in Contexts of Violence help readers to understand the many layered and complex issues related to violence and the missionary task. The introductory section contextualizes the problem historically and culturally. Section two presents biblical and theological foundations for engaging in ministry amid real and potential violence. The lion’s share of the book considers various ways that violence has influenced and continues to shape the church’s mission in the world. The final section looks at specific cultural settings, particularly within Africa and Europe. This volume equips readers to reflect intentionally on their lifestyles, strategies, and practices as they serve in physically risky settings.

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