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Missionary Methods (EMS 21)

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Introduction: Methodological Stewardship: Always Evaluating, Always Adjusting by J. D. Payne

PART I – Biblical Understandings of Missionary Methods

1 Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s, St. Roland’s, or Ours? by Robert L. Gallagher

2 Roland Allen’s Understanding of the Spirit’s Centrality in Mission by Rob S. Hughes

3 Reassessing John Stott’s, David Hesselgrave’s, and Andreas K.stenberger’s Views of the Incarnational Model by John Cheong

PART II – Praxis and Case Studies of Missionary Methods

4 From Roland Allen to Rick Warren: Sources of Inspiration Guiding North American Evangelical Missions Methodology 1912–2012 by Gary R. Corwin

5 A Prolegomena to Contextualized Preaching Concerning the Wrath of God and the Judgment of Man: What Did Roland Allen Know that We Sometimes Forget and at Other Times Never Learn? by David J. Hesselgrave

6 The Rise of Orality in Modern Missions Practice by Anthony Casey

7 Missionaries in Our Own Backyard: The Canadian Context by Joel Thiessen

8 Islands of the Gods: Productive and Unproductive Missionary Methods in Animistic Societies—Roland Allen’s Examination of Saint Paul’s Use of Miracles by Robert H. Bennett

9 Leaders Reproducing Churches: Research from Japan by John W. Mehn

10 Paul’s or Theirs?—A Case Analysis of Missionary Methods among Muslims of the Philippines by Mark S. Williams

Conclusions: Missionary Methods: The Questions that Still Dog Us by Craig Ott

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Missionary Methods (EMS 21)
Research, Reflections, and Realities
Craig Ott and J. D. Payne

Always Evaluating, Always Adjusting

One hundred years ago, Roland Allen wrote his influential book, Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours? A century later, the Evangelical Missiological Society commemorated this landmark study with its 2012 annual conference, exploring the ongoing relevance of this important topic.

This new volume collects the insights of that conference, examining the theological foundations, historical precedence, and practical challenges of missionary methods. With contributions from leading missiologists, missionary practitioners, and strategic leaders, these essays offer fresh perspectives on methods for fulfilling the Great Commission in our day.

Throughout the book, contributors address key questions about the nature of missionary work, exploring both the enduring principles and the changing realities of this critical field. They explore the ways in which historical precedent can inform current practice, while also reflecting on the unique challenges of contemporary mission work.

Whether you are a seasoned missionary practitioner or a strategic leader seeking to better support those in the field, this volume provides valuable insights into effective missionary methods. By engaging with the theological and practical dimensions of this crucial topic, it offers a compelling vision for fulfilling Christ's call to go and make disciples of all nations.

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