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Missiology and the Social Sciences (EMS 4)

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Table of Contents

Preface- David J. Hesselgrave

  1. Introduction: An Appeal for Balance (Michael Pocock)
  2. Sociology and Missiology: Reflections on Mission Research (Gary R. Corwin)
  3. The Contribution of Cultural Anthropology to Missiology (Norman E. Allison)
  4. Prototype Semantics: Insights for Intercultural Communication (K.A. McElhanon)
  5. Psychology and Missions: A History of Member Care in Cross-Cultural Ministry (Brent Lindquist)
  6. The Contribution of Technology to Missiology (Ron Rowland)
  7. Economics and Mission (Andreas J. Kostenberger)
  8. A Critique of Charles Kraft’s Use/Misuse of Communication & Social Sciences in Biblical Interpretation & Missiological Formulation (Enoch Wan)
  9. Use and Misuse of the Social Sciences: Interpreting the Biblical Text (Robertson McQuilkin)
  10. The Social Sciences and Missions: Applying the Message (Paul G. Hiebert)
  11. Conclusions (Edward Rommen)

Missiology and the Social Sciences (EMS 4)
Contributions, Cautions, and Conclusions
Edward Rommen and Gary R. Corwin
Missiology draws from several sources. These include God’s revelation in Holy Scripture, historical creeds and theology, past and present missionary experiences, and various social sciences that help us to understand diverse cultural and religious dynamics. But how exactly do these sources relate to one another? How do we balance and prioritize the contributions of each?

Missiology and the Social Sciences answer these questions with scholarly care. On the one hand, it’s unthinkable that missionaries would not use the social sciences such as anthropology and linguistics. How else would we translate the Bible and learn about other cultures? On the other hand, some writers warn of the subtle danger that social sciences could undermine biblical authority. Cultural bias also might affect social science research and hinder our ability to discern what God is doing around us.

The contributors in this book help readers understand the debate and its many practical implications. It equips missionaries to engage the social sciences in more thoughtful ways that can bear gospel fruit.

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