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Controversies in Mission (EMS 24)

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Introduction by Rochelle Cathcart Scheuermann

Part One: Biblical Perspectives and Theology of Mission

Chapter 1 Controversy on Paul’s First Missionary Journey by Robert J. Priest

Chapter 2 The Case for Prioritism by Christopher R. Little

Chapter 3 Carl F. H. Henry’s Regenerational Model of Evangelism and Social Concern and

the Promise of an Evangelical Consensus by Jerry M. Ireland

Chapter 4 Reconsidering the Formative Role of Ethics within Missiological Practice by Greg Mathias

Part Two: The People of Mission

Chapter 5 Power Play in the Korean American Church by Eunice Hong

Chapter 6 Submission or Cooperation? by David R. Dunaetz

Chapter 7 The Controversial Image of the US American in Missions by Kenneth R. Nehrbass

Chapter 8 A Continuing Role for Western Bible Translators? By Dave Beine

Chapter 9 Up From The Pit—Immigration, Deportation, Pain, and Hope by Miriam Adeney

Part Three: The Practice of Mission

Chapter 10 The Necessity for Retaining Father and Son Terminology in Scripture Translations for Muslims by Mark Hausfeld, Ben Aker, Jim Bennett, Jim Hernando, Tommy Hodum, Wave Nunnally, Adam Simnowitz

Chapter 11 The World Evangelical Alliance Global Review Panel Report: A Sympathetic Dissenting Opinion by Kevin Higgins

Chapter 12 Consequences of the Divine Terms Controversy in Bible Translation by Mark Naylor

Chapter 13 Teaching Bible Interpretation in Intercultural Contexts by Larry W. Caldwell

Part Four: Historical and Future Perspectives

Chapter 14 Saving the Future of Evangelical Missions by David J. Hesselgrave

Controversies in Mission (EMS 24)
Theology, People, and Practice of Mission in the 21st Century
Rochelle Scheuermann and Edward L. Smither

Historical Precedents and a Promising Proposal

Controversies in Mission reflects on how mission is done in light of the new layers of complexity that globalization brings. The contributors highlight how communication and travel make us more aware of controversies in mission. While controversies are not new, globalization gives us tools to become more aware of our surroundings and to interact with others in unprecedented ways.

Part one examines theological issues that arise in mission, including how we interact with others, mission priorities, and the role of ethics within missiological practice. The chapters engage with age-old topics that have been debated throughout history, such as power struggles, perspectives on cultural others, and contextualization. They suggest new ways of thinking about these topics and how to apply them in contemporary missions.

The second part shifts focus from the biblical and theological grounding of mission to the people involved in mission. The chapters in this section discuss tensions that arise between people, such as church splits within multi-generational Korean American churches and conflicts between missionaries. The contributors offer suggestions for resolving these conflicts, such as engaging in a conversation on servant leadership and adopting a model of cooperation and compassion.

This volume hits the pause button on the rapid-paced world of contemporary missions to consider how better to join in God’s mission. It encourages readers to consider the complexity of mission in the twenty-first century and to have thoughtful reflection and dialogue to improve mission practices.

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