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Christianity and the Religions (EMS 2)

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Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION by Harold Netland 


  1. Religions and the Bible: An Agenda for Evangelicals by Gordon T. Smith
  2. Yahweh and the Gods: A Theology of World Religions from the Pentateuch by Ed Mathew
  3. Selected Perspectives on World Religions from Wisdom Literature by Michael Pocock
  4. “To whom shall you compare me?”: Yahweh’s Polemic against Baal and the Babylonian Idol Gods in Prophetic Literature by Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.
  5. The Contribution of the Gospels and Acts to a Biblical Theology of Religions by William J. Larkin, Jr.
  6. The Apostle Paul and First Century Religious Pluralism by Don N. Howell, Jr.
  7. The Contribution of the General Epistles and Revelation to a Biblical Theology of Religions by Andreas Kostenberger


  1. Christianity and the Religions in the History of the Church by James F. Lewis
  2. Religious Borrowing as a Two-Way Street: An Introduction to Animistic Tendencies in the Euro-North American Context by A. Scott Moreau
  3. The Uniqueness of Christ in Mission Theology By Charles Van Engen
  4. Christianity as a Minority Religion by Larry Poston


  1. Synthesis by Edward Rommen
  2. Application by Harold Netland


  1. Conclusion by David J. Hesselgrave

Christianity and the Religions (EMS 2)
A Biblical Theology of World Religions
Edward Rommen and Harold A. Netland

The Majesty and Greatness of God

Unprecedented opportunities and challenges await the Christian church as it approaches the 21st century. Just fifty years ago, we could not have dreamed how advanced technologies and the remarkable rise of non-Western missionaries would open doors for world evangelization. At the same time, the church finds itself increasingly troubled by internal and external pressures, resulting in a deep sense of insecurity about its mission in the world.

The current theological and missiological ferment is seen in debates about religious pluralism What is the relationship between the Christian faith and other religious traditions? Missiologist Gerald Anderson says, “No issue in missiology is more important, more difficult, more controversial, or more divisive for the days ahead than the theology of religions … This is the theological issue for mission in the 1990s and into the 21st century.”

The essays in this book take a fresh look at the biblical data to address pressing questions raised by religious pluralism. With a greater understanding of these issues, God’s people will not only have increased confidence in the one true God; they will be further emboldened to carry on the work of world missions.

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