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Missionary Care

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Introduction to Missionary Care

Part One – Missionary Care Overview

Introduction to Part One

Chapter 1 – Perspectives on Member Care in Missions

Chapter 2- Historical Notes on Missionary Care

Chapter 3- Core Issues in Missionary Life

Chapter 4- A Model for Mutual Care in Missions

Chapter 5- Supporting Missions Through Pastoral Care

Part Two- Counseling and Clinical Care

Introduction to Part Two

Chapter 6- Current Issues in Screening and Selection

Chapter 7- Psychopathology in Missionary Personnel

Chapter 8- Understanding and Managing Stress

Chapter 9- Short-Term Missionary Counseling

Chapter 10- Crisis Intervention in the Mission Community

Part Three- Team Development

Chapter 11- Multinational Teams

Chapter 12 – Coaching Missionary Teams

Chapter 13- Field Leaders and Team Nurture

Chapter 14- Tools for Team Viability

Chapter 15- Guidelines for Short-Term Field Consultants

Part Four – Mission Agencies and Member Care

Introduction to Part Four

Chapter 16- Nine Essentials for Organizational Development

Chapter 17- The Dynamics of Healthy Missions

Chapter 18- Career Development and the Mission Agency

Chapter 19- Ethical Concerns in Providing Member Care Services

Chapter 20- Supporting Mission Leaders

Part Five – Future Directions

Introduction to Part Five

Chapter 21 – An Agenda for Member Care in Missions

Chapter 22 – The Increasing Role of the Sending Church

Chapter 23- Training and Using Member Care Workers

Chapter 24- Missionary Support Centers

Chapter 25- The Member Care Consultation

Index for Missionary Care

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Missionary Care
Counting the Cost for World Evangelism
Kelly O'Donnell (editor)
We are immersed in an epoch of unprecedented opportunity for world evangelization. The missionary force is rapidly growing, with the number of missionaries from the Two-Thirds World expected to exceed that of Westerners within a few years. Major political and social changes are opening up opportunities for the gospel to penetrate previously unreached places and peoples; and there is a growing commitment of the Church to mobilize and coordinate its many resources to decisively thrust into unevangelized areas. These are exciting times indeed!

But these are also perilous times. Pushing back the frontiers of darkness that have enveloped whole people groups is fraught with difficulties. Sickness, burnout, and death are all real possibilities for missionaries - and in certain settings almost inevitable. Make no mistake about it: obeying the Lord's command to disciple the nations has and always will be costly. It is risky business.

The current effort to reach the world's unreached requires hardy folk who are willing to work together, make sacrifices, become vulnerable, and serve the Lord whole-heartedly in the midst of stressful, challenging situations. It also necessitates a concomitant, cooperative effort to support and nurture the missionary personnel involved in these new endeavors. Both are needed as we seek to put greater closure on the Great Commission.

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