Check out a recent article from the Christian Union magazine on Where No One Has Heard by Ken Wilson!

"Billy Graham once noted, 'J. Christy Wilson will go down in history as one of the great and courageous missionaries for the gospel in the twentieth century.' Among many other things, he helped launch what became the triennial Urbana missions conference; pioneered Christian work in Afghanistan when others thought it impossible (entering the country as one of only a few Christians in a nation of approximately twelve million Muslims); taught private English lessons to the crown prince of Afghanistan; founded a mission that remains fruitful to this day; reintroduced the biblical idea of leveraging one's profession for the kingdom of God with the term "tentmaking;" and faced danger on numerous occasions."


The C.S. Lewis Institute also honored the life of J. Christy Wilson in this artice

"Finally, after Christy had been ministering in Afghanistan for eighteen years, CCCK was permitted to build the only Christian church building on neutral soil in Afghanistan, constructed following a personal assist from President Eisenhower. The Afghan government permitted this place of worship only for use among the foreign community; it was never to be used by the Afghan people."