A pretty amazing thing has just happened at William Carey Publishing. Through the astounding work of a tireless team, we can announce that 220 of our books are now live on one of the premier academic search engines, ProQuest, through seminary and university libraries around the world! 

That's right people.

WCP books will now be
available digitally AROUND THE WORLD!
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So, if you know any seminary students that you want to share this great info with (or librarians, missions students, missions professors, or literally any other person who would benefit from it) please do!

And, as a recent expansion in 2020, the same books will also be available on Ebsco!!!

The list of books now available on ProQuest is as follows:
(list alphabetical by title of book)

Print ISBN Publication Year Authors Title
9780878085460 2017 Cindy M. Wu, author A Better Country: Embracing the Refugees in Our Midst
9780878084326 1979 James Paul Dretke, author A Christian Approach to Muslims: Reflections from West Africa
9780878087648 1995 Paul A. Beals, author A People for His Name (Revised Edition): A Church-based Missions Strategy
9780878081745 1980 Christian Keysser, author A People Reborn
9780878083701 2006 Cynthia A. Strong, editor; Meg Page, editor A Worldview Approach to Ministry among Muslim Women
9780878083473 2005 Jane A. McNally, author; Berkeley Mickelson, author; Alvera Mickelson, author Abuse of Christian Women in India and Remedy: in 12 Biblical Studies on Equality of Man and Woman
9780878084616 2009 Vaughn J. Walston, editor; Robert J. Stevens, editor African-American Experience in World Mission (Revised Study Guide Edition): A Call Beyond Community
9781645081760 2019 W. Jay Moon, editor; Craig Ott, editor Against the Tide: Mission Amidst the Global Currents of Secularization (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 27)
9780878080113 2009 Alan R. Johnson, author Apostolic Function in 21st Century Missions (The J. Phillip Hogan World Missions Series Book 2)
9780878083589 2005 Charles H. Kraft, editor Appropriate Christianity
9780878086344 2016 Thomas Hale III, author Authentic Lives: Overcoming the Problem of Hidden Identity in Outreach to Restrictive Nations
9780878080120 2009 Katherine H. Lee Ahn, author Awakening the Hermit Kingdom: Pioneer American Women Missionaries in Korea
9780878080427 2015 Paul H. De Neui, editor Becoming the People of God: Creating Christ-Centered Communities in Buddhist Asia (SEANET Series Book 11)
9780878083848 2003 Jonathan J. Bonk, editor Between Past and Future: Evangelical Mission Entering the Twenty-First Century (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 10)
9780878084951 2017 K. Carla Bowman, author; James Bowman, author Building Bridges to Oral Cultures: Journeys among the Least-reached
9780878083886 2006 Tom Steffen, editor; Mike Barnett, editor Business As Mission: From Impoverished to Empowered (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 14)
9780878085422 2015 Patrick Lai, author Business for Transformation: Getting Started
9780878083459 2005 Paul R. Keidel, author Career-Defining Crises in Mission: Navigating the Major Decisions of Cross-Cultural Service
9780878083831 2001 Tom A. Steffen, editor; F. Douglas P. Pennoyer, editor Caring for the Harvest Force in the New Millennium (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 9)
9780878084890 2016 Bernie Power, author Challenging Islamic Traditions: Searching Questions about the Hadith from a Christian Perspective
9780878080755 2015 John Cheong, editor; Eloise Meneses, editor Christian Mission and Economic Systems: A Critical Survey of the Cultural and Religious Dimensions of Economies
9780878083206 1977 Lyle L. van der Werff, author Christian Mission to Muslims: The Record: Anglican and Reformed Approaches in India and the Near East, 1800-1938
9780878083855 2004 Enoch Wan, editor Christian Witness in Pluralistic Contexts in the Twenty-First Century (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 11)
9780878084074 2012 Kenneth Nehrbass, author Christianity and Animism in Melanesia: Four Approaches to Gospel and Culture
9780878083763 1995 Edward Rommen, editor; Harold Netland, editor Christianity and the Religions: A Biblical Theology of World Religions (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 2)
9780878085293 2017 Geoffrey Hartt, editor; Christopher R. Little, editor; John Wang, editor Churches on Mission: God's Grace Abounding to the Nations (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 25)
9780878084449 2001 Herbert E. Hoefer, author Churchless Christianity (Revised Edition)
9780878087778 1999 Jack Dennison, author City Reaching: On the Road to Community Transformation
9780878085347 2013 Edward Rommen, author Come and See: An Eastern Orthodox Perspective on Contextualization
9780878084715 2012 George Patterson, author Come Quickly Dawn: A Training Novel
9780878084265 1976 Charles J. Mellis, author Committed Communities: Fresh Streams for World Missions
9780878087716 1991 Gailyn Van Rheenen, author Communicating Christ in Animistic Contexts
9780878080076 2009 Paul H. De Neui, editor Communicating Christ in Asian Cities: Urban Issues in Buddhist Contexts (SEANET Series Book 6)
9780878085118 2008 Paul H. De Neui, editor; David S. Lim, editor Communicating Christ Through Story and Song: Orality in Buddhist Contexts (SEANET Series Book 5)
9780878080380 2012 Paul H. De Neui, editor Complexities of Money and Missions in Asia (SEANET Series Book 9)
9780878083879 2006 Gailyn Van Rheenen, editor Contextualization and Syncretism: Navigating Cultural Currents (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 13)
9780878080540 2016 Rochelle Cathcart Scheuermann, editor; Edward L. Smither, editor Controversies in Mission: Theology, People, and Practice of Mission in the 21st Century (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 24)
9780878084944 2013 Brian Schrag, author Creating Local Arts Together: A Manual to Help Communities to Reach Their Kingdom Goals
9780878087662 1996 Emilio Antonio Nunez C., author; William David Taylor, author Crisis and Hope in Latin America (Revised Edition): An Evangelical Perspective
9780878087228 1954 Jacob A. Loewen, author Culture and Human Values: Christian Intervention in Anthropological Perspective
9780878087235 1975 Eugene A. Nida, author Customs and Cultures (Revised Edition): Anthropology for Christian Missions
9780878080403 2013 Paul H. De Neui, editor Developing Indigenous Leaders: Lessons in Mission from Buddhist Asia (SEANET Series Book 10)
9780878080458 2015 Michael Pocock, editor; Enoch Wan, editor Diaspora Missiology: Reflections on Reaching the Scattered Peoples of the World (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 23)
9780878081387 2016 Timothy Shultz, author Disciple Making among Hindus: Making Authentic Relationships Grow
9780878084463 2002 Kelly O'Donnell, editor Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices From Around the World (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878088652 2014 Harry Box, author Don't Throw the Book at Them: Communicating the Christian Message to People Who Don’t Read
9780878084692 2011 Vern Middleton, author Donald McGavran, His Early Life and Ministry: An Apostolic Vision for Reaching the Nations
9780878080052 2008 Robert J. Priest, editor Effective Engagement in Short-Term Missions: Doing it Right! (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 16)
9780878080014 2011 Ravi Jayakaran, author Empowering Children: Principles, Strategies, and Techniques for Mobilizing Child Participation in the Development Process
9780878084913 2016 Bernie Power, author Engaging Islamic Traditions: Using the Hadith in Christian Ministry to Muslims
9780878084647 2010 Kitty Barnhouse Purgason, editor English Language Teaching in Theological Contexts
9780878085385 2013 Lowell Bliss, author Environmental Missions: Planting Churches and Trees
9780878084593 2012 Dewi Hughes, author Ethnic Identity from the Margins: A Christian Perspective
9780878081684 1979 Donald A. McGavran, author Ethnic Realities and the Church: Lessons from India
9780878080472 2019 Robert Blincoe, author Ethnic Realities and the Church: Lessons from Kurdistan
9780878085231 2010 Sue Eenigenburg, author; Robynn Bliss, author Expectations and Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission
9780878085255 2011 Carlos Madrigal, author Explaining the Trinity to Muslims: A Personal Reflection on the Biblical Teaching in Light of the Theological Criteria of Islam
9780878084364 2012 David Marshall, editor Faith Seeking Understanding: Essays in Memory of Paul Brand and Ralph D. Winter
9780878080229 2010 Paul H.De Neui, editor Family and Faith in Asia: The Missional Impact of Social Networks (SEANET Series Book 7)
9780878082889 1998 H.L. Richard, author Following Jesus in the Hindu Context: The Intriguing Implications of N.V. Tilak's Life and Thought
9781645082200 2019 Miriam Chan, editor; Sophia Russell, editor For the Joy: 21 Missionary Mother Stories of Real Life & Faith
9780878080366 2008 J. Dudley Woodberry, editor From Seed to Fruit: Global Trends, Fruitful Practices, and Emerging Issues among Muslims
9781645081623 2019 Gene Daniels; Pam Arlund; Jim Haney; editors Fruit to Harvest: Witness of God’s Great Work among Muslims
9780878084777 2014 Alan R. Tippett, author Fullness of Time: Ethnohistory Selections from the Writtings of Alan R. Tippett (The Missiology of Alan R. Tippett Series)
9780878083947 2012 Roald Kverndal, author George Charles Smith of Penzance: From Nelson Sailor to Mission Pioneer
9780878084630 2010 Edward Rommen, author Get Real: On Evangelism in the Late Modern World
9780878081134 2011 Kelly O'Donnell, editor Global Member Care Volume 1: The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice
9780878081226 2013 KellyO'Donnel, editor; Michele Lewis O'Donnell, editor Global Member Care Volume 2: Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity
9780878085323 2011 Rose Dowsett, editor Global Mission: Reflections and Case Studies in Contextualization for the Whole Church (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878080069 2009 Susan S. Bake, editor Globalization and Its Effects on Urban Ministry in the 21st Century: A Festschrift in Honor of the Life and Ministry of Dr. Manuel Ortiz
9780878083688 2006 Rick Leatherwood, author Glory in Mongolia
9780878080724 2018 Debbie D. Philip, author Heading Home with Jesus: Preparing Chinese Students to Follow Christ in China
9780878085354 2014 Daniel E. Fountain, author Health for All: The Vanga Story
9780878085408 2015 Bryant L. Myers, editor; Erin Dufault-Hunter, editor; Isaac B. Voss, editor Health, Healing, and Shalom: Frontiers and Challenges for Christian Healthcare Missions
9780878086061 2001 Kay Bascom, author Hidden Triumph in Ethiopia
9780878085149 2007 H. L. Richard, author Hinduism: A Brief Look at Theology, History, Scriptures, and Social System with Comments on the Gospel in India
9780878086283 2014 Clint Archer, author Holding the Rope: Short Term Missions, Long-term Impact
9780878082360 1992 Edgar J. Elliston, author Home-Grown Leaders
9780878083978 2016 Derek T. Seipp, author Innovation in World Mission: A Framework for Transformational Thinking about the Future of World Mission
9780878084579 2006 Robert Brynjolfson, editor; Jonathan Lewis, editor Integral Ministry Training: Design and Evaluation (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878084753 2011 Edgar J. Elliston, editor Introduction to Missiological Research Design
9780878082063 1987 Alan R. Tippett, author Introduction to Missiology
9780878084623 2010 Don Edwards, author Is Hearing Enough? Literacy and the Great Commission
9780878084920 2016 Charles H. Kraft, author Issues in Contextualization
Data Not Available 2019 David P. Jacob, author It's Your Call: To a Missional or Missionary Life (Snapshot Series Book 2)
9780878082735 1997 (Zhi-Dao) Julia Duan, author Journey Against One Current: The Spiritual Autobiography of a Chinese Christian
9780878082490 1994 William D. Taylor, editor Kingdom Partnerships for Synergy in Missions
9780878085415 2014 Evelyn Hibbert, author; Richard Hibbert, author Leading Multicultural Teams
9780878085309 2016 Rick Sessoms, author Leading with Story: Cultivating Christ-centered Leaders in a Storycentric Generation
9780878086221 2014 Daniel Waheli, author Lessons Learned in the Lion's Den: Imprisoned for Sharing Jesus
9780878083251 1978 Morris Watkins, author Literacy, Bible Reading and Church Growth Through the Ages
9780878086115 2004 Swami Dayanand Bharati, author Living Water and Indian Bowl: An Analysis of Christian Failings in Communicating Christ to Hindus, with Suggestions Towards Improvements
9780878081110 2010 Matthew Cook, editor; Rob Haskell, editor; Ruth Julian, editor; Natee Tanchanpongs, editor Local Theology for the Global Church: Principles for an Evangelical Approach to Contextualization (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878085330 2013 David Greenlee, editor Longing for Community: Church, Ummah, or Somewhere in Between?
9780878080885 2018 Allen Yeh, editor; Tite Tienou, editor Majority World Theologies: Theologizing from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Ends of the Earth (Evangelical Missiological Series Book 26)
9780878082315 1990 Donald C. Palmer, author Managing Conflict Creatively: A Guide for Missionaries and Christian Workers
9780878080663 2018 Gene Daniels, editor; Warrick Farah, editor Margins of Islam: Ministry in Diverse Muslim Contexts
9780878082421 1993 Viggo Sogaard, author Media in Church and Mission: Communicating the Gospel
9780878086306 2016 Jinbong Kim, editor; Dwight P. Baker, editor; J. Nelson Jennings, editor; Jae Hoon Lee, editor; Steve Sang-Cheol Moon, editor Megachurch Accountability in Missions: Critical Assessment through Global Case Studies
9780878085361 2014 James Raymo, author; Judy Raymo, author Millennials and Mission: A Generation Faces  a Global Challenge
9780878083381 2000 Fran Love, editor; Jeleta Eckheart, editor Ministry to Muslim Women: Longing to Call them Sisters
9780878086337 2018 Marvin Gilbert, editor; Alan R. Johnson, editor; Paul W. Lewis, editor Missiological Research: Interdisciplinary Foundations, Methods, and Integration
9780878083787 1996 Edward Rommen, editor; Gary Corwin, editor Missiology and the Social Sciences: Contributions, Cautions and Conclusions (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 4)
9780878084708 2011 Timothy K. Park, editor Mission History of Asian Churches
9780878080557 2016 Jay Matenga, editor; Malcom Gold, editor Mission in Motion: Speaking Frankly of Mobilization (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878080434 2013 Craig Ott, editor; J. D. Payne, editor Missionary Methods: Research, Reflections, and Realities (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 21)
9780878080199 2009 Enoch Wan, editor; Micheal Pocock, editor Missions from the Majority World: Progress, Challenges and Case Studies (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 17)
9780878083893 2007 Keith E. Eitel, editor Missions in Context of Violence (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 15)
9780878085378 2013 Sue Eenigenburg, author More Screams, Different Deserts: Joy and Perseverance for Women in Cross-Cultural Ministry
9780878085446 2017 John Wm. Mehn, author Multiplying Churches in Japanese Soil
9780878084982 2017 Jan Hendrik Prenger, author Muslim Insider Christ Followers: Their Theological and Missional Frames
9780878084432 2000 Rick Love, author Muslims, Magic and the Kingdom of God: Church Planting Among Folk Muslims
9780878086252 2013 Patrick Krayer, author My Mother's Sons: Managing Sexuality in Islamic and Christian Communities
9780878083060 1970 B. V. Subbamma, author New Patterns for Discipling Hindus: The Next Step in Andhra Pradesh, India
9780878082698 1996 Sharon J. Stockdale, editor; Helen Camlin, editor New Wineskins for Global Mission: A Compendium of the New Wineskins for Global Mission Conference
9780878084784 2013 Alan R. Tippett, author No Continuing City: The Story of a Missiologist from Colonial to Postcolonial Times (The Missiology of Alan R. Tippett Series)
9780878086245 2013 Neel Roberts, author No Solitary Effort: How the CIM Worked to Reach the Tribes of Southwest China
9780878083985 2012 Thomas Hale, author On Being a Missionary (Revised Edition)
9780878086290 2015 Jackson Wu, author One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization
9780878084517 2003 Richard Tiplady, editor One World or Many: The Impact of Globalisation on Mission (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878084456 2001 Rick Love, author Peacemaking: Resolving Conflict, Restoring and Building Harmony in Relationships
9780878080762 2018 Jinbong Kim, editor; Dwight P. Baker, editor; Jonathan J. Bonk, editor; J. Nelson Jennings, editor; Jae Hoon Lee, editor People Disrupted: Doing Mission Responsibly among Refugees and Migrants
Data Not Available 2018 Lowell Bliss, author People, Trees, and Poverty: A Snapshot of Environmental Missions (Snapshot Series Book 1)
9780878083909 2009 Ralph D. Winter, editor; Steven C. Hawthorne, editor Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader
9780878085828 2018 David J.Wilson , editor; Lorane Wilson, editor Pipeline: Engaging the Church in Missionary Mobilization
9780878085132 2009 Brian M. Howell, editor; Edwin Zehner, editor Power and Identity in the Global Church: Six Contemporary Cases
9780878084388 1985 Lyman E. Reed, author Preparing Missionaries for Intercultural Communication: A Bicultural Approach
9780878082605 1995 C. David Harley, author Preparing to Serve: Training for Cross-Cultural Mission
9780878084975 2016 Kitty Barnhouse Purgason, author Professional Guidelines for Christian English Teachers: How to be a Teacher with Convictions while Respecting those of your Students
9780878080083 2012 Robert J. Stevens, editor; Brian Johnson, editor Profiles of African-American Missionaries
9780878080397 2012 Gary Fujino, editor; Timothy R. Sisk, editor; Tereso C. Casino, editor Reaching the City: Reflections on Urban Mission for the Twenty-first Century (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 20)
9780878083800 1998 J. Dudley Woodberry, editor Reaching the Resistant: Barriers and Bridges for Mission (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 6)
9780878080205 2010 Stephanie Laite Lanham, author; Joyce Hartwell Pelletier, author Recovering from Traumatic Stress: A Guide for Missionaries
9780878080373 2011 A. Scott Moreau, editor; Beth Snodderly, editor Reflecting God's Glory Together: Diversity in Evangelical Mission (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 19)
9780878080854 2018 Sam George, editor; Miriam Adeney, editor Refugee Diaspora:Missions amid the Greatest Humanitarian Crisis of our Times
9780878083671 2006 George Patterson, author Reproducible Pastoral Training: Church Planting Guidelines from the Teachings of George Patterson
9780878082711 1996 Viggo Sogaard, author Research in Church and Mission
9780878085279 2017 Paul H.De Neu, editor Restored to Freedom from Fear, Guilt, and Shame: Lessons from the Buddhist World (SEANET Series Book 13)
9780878085125 2011 H. L. Richard; editor Rethinking Hindu Ministry: Papers from the Rethinking Forum
9780878083008 2017 Roland Allen, author Roland Allen's the Ministry of Expansion: The Priesthood of the Laity
9780878080137 2010 Robert Reese, author Roots and Remedies of the Dependency Syndrome in World Missions
9781645082163 2019 Sue Eenigenburg, author; Suzy Grumelot, author Sacred Siblings: Valuing One Another for the Great Commission
9780878083572 2003 Philip E. Dow, author School in the Clouds: The Rift Valley Academy Story
9780878085170 2007 Sue Eenigenburg, author Screams in the Desert: Hope and Humor for Women in Cross-Cultural Ministry
9780878083756 1994 David Hesselgrave, editor Scripture and Strategy: The Use of the Bible in Postmodern Church and Mission (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 1)
9780878083435 2005 Gene Daniels, author Searching for the Indigenous Church: A Missionary Pilgrimage
9780878080465 2016 Paul H.De Neui, editor Seeking the Unseen: Spiritual Realities in the Buddhist World (SEANET Series Book 12)
9780878080236 2010 Dwight P. Baker, editor; Douglas Hayward, editor Serving Jesus with Integrity: Ethics and Accountability in Mission (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 18)
9780878080021 2008 Phyllis Kilbourne, editor Shaping the Future: Girls and Our Destiny
9780878085095 2005 David Lim, editor; Steve Spaulding, editor; Paul H. De Neui, editor Sharing Jesus Effectively in the Buddhist World (SEANET Series Book 3)
9780878084739 2011 David James, author Sixteen Seasons: Stories From a Missionary Family in Tajikistan
9780878084791 2014 Alan R. Tippett, author Slippery Paths in the Darkness: Papers on Syncretism: 1965-1988 (The Missiology of Alan R. Tippett Series)
9780878084722 2012 William D. Taylor, editor; Antonia van der Meer, editor; Reg Reimer, editor Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution, and Martyrdom (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878083770 1995 Edward Rommen, editor Spiritual Power and Missions: Raising the Issues (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 3)
9780878080564 2018 John Amalraj, editor; Geoffrey W. Hahn, editor; William D. Taylor, editor Spirituality in Mission: Embracing the Lifelong Journey (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878082674 1996 Harold Dollar, author St. Luke's Missiology: A Cross-Cultural Challenge
9780878080243 2011 Paul H.De Neui, editor Suffering: Christian Reflections on the Buddhist Dukkha (SEANET Series Book 8)
9780878083497 2005 Charles H.Kraft, author SWM/SIS at Forty: A Participant/Observer's View of Our History
9780878085439 2018 Jan Edwards Dormer, author; Cheryl Woelk, author Teaching English for Reconciliation: Pursuing Peace through Transformed Relationships in Language Learning and Teaching
9780878085262 2011 Jan Edwards Dormer, author Teaching English in Missions: Effectiveness and Integrity
9780878083817 1999 Edgar J. Elliston, editor Teaching Them Obedience in All Things: Equipping for the 21st Century (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 7)
9780878082407 1990 Richard A. Webster, author Tearing Down Strongholds
9780878084654 2010 Paul F. Koehler, author Telling God's Stories with Power: Biblical Storytelling in Oral Cultures
9780878080144 2010 Sawai Chinnawong, author; Paul H. De Neui, author That Man Who Came to Us
9780878083480 2006 Leonidas A. Johnson, author The African American Church: Waking Up to God's Missionary Call
9780878085392 2014 Gilles Gravelle, author The Age of Global Giving: A Practical Guide for Donors and Recipients
9780878081370 1974 William McElwee Miller, author The Baha'i Faith: Its History and Teachings
9780878086276 2013 Karen Baker, author The Balkars of Southern Russia and Their Deportation (1944-57)
9780878082667 2000 Jacob A. Loewen, author The Bible in Cross-Cultural Perspective
9780878080823 2019 Roy Oksnevad, author The Burden of Baggage: First-Generation Issues in Coming to Christ
9780878083862 2005 Mike Barnett, editor; Michael Pocock, editor The Centrality of Christ in Contemporary Missions (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 12)
9780878085194 2008 Bill Musk, author The Certainty Trap: Can Christians and Muslims Afford the Luxury of Fundamentalism?
9780878080533 2016 Betril Ekstrom; editor The Church in Mission: Foundations and Global Case Studies (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878081585 2005 Alan R. Tippett, author The Deep-Sea Canoe: The Story of Third World Missionaries in the South Pacific
9780878080175 2013 Jacques A. Blocher, author; Jacques Blandenier, author The Evangelization of the World: A History of Christian Missions
9780878083428 2004 Rad Zdero, author The Global House Church Movement
9780878083794 1997 C. Douglas McConnell, editor The Holy Spirit and Mission Dynamics (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 5)
9780878084807 2015 Alan R. Tippett, author The Integrating Gospel and The Christian: Fiji 1835-67 (The Missiology of Alan R. Tippett Series)
9780878084661 2012 Alan R. Tippett, author The Jesus Documents (The Missiology of Alan R. Tippett Series)
9780878084876 2016 Steve Sang-Cheol Moon, author The Korean Missionary Movement: Dynamics and Trends, 1988-2013
9780878080441 2014 Dwight P. Baker, editor; Robert J. Priest, editor The Missionary Family: Witness, Concerns, Care (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 22)
9780878084685 2012 Steve Fortosis, author The Multilingual God: Stories of Translation
9781645082330 2019 Curtis Sergeant, author The Only One: Living Fully In, By, and For God
9780878084968 2013 Harold Fickett, author The Ralph D. Winter Story: How One Man Dared to Shake Up World Missions
9780878084760 2013 Alan R. Tippett, author; Joeli Bulu, author The Road to Bau and the Autobiography of Joeli Bulu (The Missiology of Alan R. Tippett Series)
9780878083664 2007 Roald Kverndal, author The Way of the Sea: The Changing Shape of Mission in the Seafaring World
9780878084678 2013 Alan R. Tippett, editor The Ways of the People: A Reader in Missionary Anthropology (The Missiology of Alan R. Tippett Series)
9780878083954 2012 Patrick O. Cate, author Through God's Eyes (Revised Edition): A Bible Study of God's Motivations for Missions
9781645081661 2019 Malcom Hunter, author To the Ends of the Earth: And What Happened on the Way There
9780878080151 2009 Marsha Woodard, author To Timbuktu and Beyond: A Guide to Getting Started in Missions
9780878082773 1997 William D. Taylor, editor Too Valuable to Lose: Exploring the Causes and Cures of Missionary Attrition (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878080182 2012 Evelyne A. Reisacher, editor; Joseph L. Cumming, editor; Dean S. Gilliland, editor; Charles E. Van Engen, editor Toward Respectful Understanding and Witness among Muslims: Essays in Honor of J. Dudley Woodberry
9780878082056 1995 Anna Marie Dahlquist, author Trailblazers for Translators: The Chichicastenago Twelve
9780878085477 2016 Evelyn Hibber, author; Richard Hibbert, author Training Missionaries: Principles and Possibilities
9780878086351 2017 Charles Van Engen, author Transforming Mission Theology
9780878086191 2011 Hugh Steven, author Translating Christ: The Memoirs of Herman Peter Aschmann, Wycliffe Bible Translator
9780878083602 2004 Scott Breslin; Mike Jones, author Understanding Dreams from God
9780878080410 2015 Harley Talman, editor Understanding Insider Movements: Disciples of Jesus within Diverse Religious Communities
9780878081172 1974 Eugene A. Nida, author Understanding Latin Americans: With Special Reference to Religious Values and Movements
9780878082780 1997 David E. Bjork, author Unfamiliar Paths: The Challenge of Recognizing the Work of Christ in Strange Clothing
9780878084548 2005 Martin Parsons, author Unveiling God: Contextualizing Christology for Islamic Culture
9780878083046 2011 Reg Reimer, author Vietnam's Christians: A Century of Growth in Adversity
9780878085248 2011 Jim Harries, author Vulnerable Mission: Insights into Christian Mission to Africa From a Position of Vulnerablity
9780878080793 2018 Karen L. H. Shaw, author Wealth and Piety: Middle Eastern Perspectives for Expat Workers
9780878086238 2015 Miriam Adeney, author; Sadiri Joy Tira, author Wealth, Women, and God: How to Flourish Spiritually and Economically in Tough Places
9780878086313 2016 Ken Wilson, author Where No One Has Heard: The Life of J. Christy Wilson Jr.
9780878080045 2009 Richard Varberg, author Why Didn't You Come Sooner? Stories from My Life as a Missionary in the Philippines
9780878082124 1988 Jonathan Chao, author Wise As Serpents, Harmless As Doves: Christians in China Tell Their Story
9780878083534 2005 Nelson Hayashida, author Women and Leadership: In the Baptist Convention of South Africa
9780878083824 2000 Gary Corwin, editor; Kenneth B. Mulholland, editor Working Together with God to Shape the New Millennium: Opportunities and Limitations (Evangelical Missiological Society Series Book 8)
9780878082377 1994 Jonathan Lewis, editor World Mission (Combined Edition): An Analysis of the World Christian Movement
9780878085200 2008 Charles H. Kraft, author Worldview for Christian Witness
9780878084937 2013 James Krabill, general editor Worship and Mission for the Global Church: An Ethnodoxolgy Handbook
9780878089628 1990 Dick; Flo Webster, author Worship and Warfare: A Prayer Companion
9780878085156 2007 Rob Hay, editor; Valerie Lim, editor; Detlef Blocher, editor; Jaap Ketelaar, editor; Sarah Hay, editor Worth Keeping: Global Perspectives on Best Practice in Missionary Retention (Globalization of Mission Series)
9780878084883 2013 Sandra M. Weyeneth, author Writing Exceptional Missionary Newsletters (Revised Edition): Essentials for Writing, Producing, and Sending Newsletters that Motivate Readers


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