Wordsearch Bible

Wordsearch Bible, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources, is now partnering with William Carey Publishing by licensing the digital rights to some of our best sellers on their platform.

Wordsearch Bible's mission is to equip preachers and teachers for a lifetime of ministry, and they believe that their Bible software is a powerful and uniquely helpful tool to serve the church and the classroom. Especially designed with ministers in mind, our platform is effortless for all to use, affordable for all, and fully customizable. They are a trusted resource for all pastors, teachers, and Bible students seeking to study God’s word.

At Wordsearch Bible, the majority of their resources come from relationships formed with some of the best publishers of Christian content across the world. As of February 2019, Wordsearch Bible is officially partnering with William Carey Publishing to offer valuable content to our users. Moving forward, Wordsearch Bible and William Carey Publishing will continue to work together in a strong relationship in order to add additional content that will benefit students, teachers, pastors and anyone looking to strengthen their understanding of Scripture.

Wordsearch Bible deeply values its relationship with publishers and looks forward to a successful partnership with William Carey Publishing. Together within this partnership, Wordsearch Bible will continue to be able to fulfill its mission statement of "Serving Those Who Preach and Teach to Change Lives."