C. Hine reviews Walking Together on the Jesus Road:

Discipling in Intercultural Contexts in When Women Speak

Reviewer: C. Hine

Author: Evelyn and Richard Hibbert

Published: William Carey Publishing, 2018

"Bringing their own experience alongside research conducted through conversations with more than thirty disciplers, Evelyn and Richard Hibbert have provided us with an excellent resource exploring a range of issues that concern discipleship in cross-cultural contexts.

One of the challenges for the church and mission over the last decade or more has been the gap between evangelism and discipleship. A lot of work had been done in exploring evangelism in cross-cultural contexts, but its separation from discipleship had left a significant gap. While this speaks to a broader missiological issue, Evelyn and Richard Hibbert have given us a tool that helps fill this clearly identified gap. The book joins a growing body of material but is unique in that it does not focus on a methodology or programme or a set of studies. What the Hibberts offer is the exploration of important topics that call the reader to work to apply these in their particular context.

The impact of cultural differences is explored and they establish a number of principles they believe are important in working with those differences. These principles are clearly summarised at the end of each chapter under a heading ‘Important points to remember’. This is a helpful way of drawing the thrust of the chapter together.

The book is divided into five sections: Share your life, Listen to Disciples, Focus on relationships, Contextualise, and Prepare to leave. An Appendix with recommended books for further reading is also a welcome addition."

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About CH: CH spent nearly three decades in South Asia and the Middle East working in education, community development and the Church, and was part of Interserve’s International Leadership for nine years. Her research has included women’s activism and social change in South Asia, violence against women and missiology. She is currently focussed on developing new streams of ministry among women who live under Islam and enabling women academics and practitioners to shape missiology and mission practice. She holds a PhD in Gender Studies (Australian National University).