Through God’s Eyes

A Bible Study of God's Motivations for Missions (Revised Edition)
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This newly revised classic workbook features updated resources to help readers better understand the needs and growth of missions today. It also includes revised questions and suggestions for further reading for deeper reflection and understanding.

Through God’s Eyes is an invaluable resource for those seeking to investigate God’s passion for His world. This study guide is designed to bring us into the Word personally, help us discover inductively what God is saying, and gain a better sense of His direction for our lives. Through God’s Eyes can function as a personal Bible study, or as part of an introduction to missions or a biblical theology of missions course for a small group, Sunday school, college or seminary class.

  • ISBN: 9780878083954
  • Pages: 168
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2012
  • Publisher: William Carey Library


Two kinds of people live in our world: ones who say, “Here I am,” and those who say, “There you are.” Pat Cate is definitely a there-you-are person whose driving ambition is to dispatch good news about God’s love to those who have no hope. Many believers agree that linking biblical truth with listening ears is the basic mandate of the Christian faith, but few understand its critical significance. Through God’s Eyes is a front seat on a spectacular literary safari hosted by a missionary statesman who will change forever how you see our world.

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Surprising: A busy, veteran mission executive, both an advanced scholar and an activist, has taken the time to produce a first rate workbook/introduction to the cause of missions. Its keen content is beautifully and graphically laid out. There is nothing else like it.

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Table of Contents


1. To God Be the Glory—The glory of God and missions
2. Faith of our Fathers—Part 1—God's call of the patriarchs
3. Faith of our Fathers—Part 2—God's call of statesmen and prophets
4. Christ's View of God's Global Purpose—The Great Commission
5. What Can We Learn from the Early Church?—How did the apostles respond to the Great Commission?
6. The King is Coming—How is the Second Coming of Christ related to Missions?
7. In 25 Words or Less—What is essential to the Gospel?
8. Focus Groups—Who should be reached with the Gospel?
9. What About Those Who Are not Reached with the Gospel?—Do all roads lead to Heaven?
10. The Sine Qua Non—What is absolutely required to get out of the Gospel?
11. Planting the Body—What is the pace of church planting in missions?
12. Yes, But—Issues and struggles which can side-track us from missions
13. Here Am I—What part should I play?
14. Putting It All Together—A summary of my study and prayer

Recommended Passages to Memorize
Quotation Sources
Biographical Sketches
Suggestions for Further Reading
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