5th Edition Revision Project

Perspectives 5th Edition Revision Team

- The Vision -

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, edited by Ralph D. Winter and Steven C. Hawthorne, originally published in 1981, is undergoing the revision needed to create the 5th edition. After 47 years of refining, the truly unique Perspectives paradigm will gain new voices and updated content that reflects the global network that makes up the movement. 

Each year over 16,000 students – in 39 countries and 8 languages – participate in Perspectives classes. The movement is growing.

- Goals - 

Will you help fund the 5th Edition Revision Project of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement


- Timeline - 

  • PHASE 1 - Invite global input and convene content councils - 2021 & 2022,
                       Paperback and Ebook release in late 2023
  • PHASE 2 - Audiobook, App, and Translation Prep Kit released early 2024
  • PHASE 3 - Translation of new material initiated 2023-2026

- Opportunities to Participate - 

ROLES (volunteer and select paid positions) - If interested, please fill out this contact form.

  • Prayer team
  • Proofers
  • Copywriters
  • Graphic designer
  • Audiobook team
  • User experience designers for the App

- Donate - 


Donations, large and small, are needed. We welcome donations from all over the world. 


As a collaborative effort to accomplish this vision William Carey Publishing, Perspectives Global, and Frontier Ventures are working closely together and supporting this effort in different ways. Frontier Ventures is handling the receiving and receipting of all donations. 


For gifts under $1000 please go to our donation page.


For gifts over $1000, we would prefer that you send a check or wire transfer so that we minimize transaction fees associated with the portal. In those cases, please send a check to: 


PSP 5th Edition Revision Fund
c/o Perspectives Global
PO BOX 41450
PASADENA, CA 91114-8450


- Contact the Team -

Do you have additional questions because you are interested in volunteering or donating? Please fill out the following contact form and we'll get back to you.