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Heading Home with Jesus

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Chinese Students Abroad Returning Home

Part 1: The Need
Chapter 1: What’s Happening? A Picture to Aid Understanding

Part 2: The Context
Chapter 2: Change, Culture, and Education
Chapter 3: The Effects of Context—History, Politics, and Work
Chapter 4: The Effects of Context—Religion

Part 3: The People
Chapter 5: Seven Stories
Xue: A Dream to Serve a King
Fuyin: The End of a Human Is the Beginning of God
Changlan: “It’s not all about me!”
Ling: “I felt like a thief”
Luli: No Longer Seeking a Million-yuan Man
Jinjing: Christianity? Someone Else’s Story
Xiaodan: Real Love, Real Life

Part 4: The Change
Chapter 6: What Mattered Most Before Belief
Chapter 7: What Mattered Most After Return
Chapter 8: New Story, New Boss, New Identity
Chapter 9: New Family

Part 5: The Implications
Chapter 10: So How Can We Help?
Chapter 11: Closing Encouragement

Suggestions for Further Reading

by: Debbie D. Philip (Author)
Thousands of Chinese students visit our churches and join Christian activities. Many even say they have become Christians while abroad. Some go on to make great contributions to Chinese church and society. Sadly, however, many fall away after they return to China. Debbie Philip has visited hundreds of returnees. She offers a new perspective for understanding what happens when Chinese students encounter Christians abroad and what needs to happen if they are to continue following Christ after returning home. The life stories, illustrations, and suggestions in this book will help you understand and support Chinese returnees better as they prepare to go home.


  • Debbie Philip blends the hues of lengthy personal experience in ministry among Chinese students, in-depth research, more than 100 visits to returnees in China, relevant Biblical passages, wise and gentle recommendations, and articulate descriptions of a multi-faceted framework in presenting rich and unique portraits of the realities and challenges, as well as the necessary preparations that Chinese believers studying abroad should consider. The portraits include both a composite “generic” Chinese student reflecting the Chinese contexts, and seven real Chinese student stories. This gift is equally valuable for host-country friends of the Chinese academic community who wish to help with reentry preparation. Non-Chinese readers will appreciate a readable and succinct overview about the various Chinese contexts and culture. This treasure is for all—Chinese and everyone else.
    Leiton Edward Chinn, MAformer Lausanne Catalyst for International Student Ministries and former president of the Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI)
  • Dr. Debbie Philip’s book is an invaluable addition to the body of literature on Chinese returnees. The stories from her research shed light on the important issues and concerns that International Student Ministry (ISM) workers need to know and address in order to provide the best assistance to returning Chinese graduates and scholars. By painting the historical and cultural contexts that the students are coming from and returning to, readers have a Fuller appreciation of the specific chal¬lenges Chinese returnees face. I am impressed with Dr. Philip's humble recognition of the need for global partnership among churches, ministries and organizations in providing a more complete reentry service. This book is a testament to the power of the Gospel to change international student lives. It is a must-read book.
    Lisa Espineli Chinn, MApioneer in the area of international student reentry and served as the national director of International Student Ministry Department of InterVarsity/USA
  • We live in an exciting time! More and more students go abroad to do (part of their) studies there; Europe being the number one destination at the moment. This gives us amazing opportunities to reach them with the gospel. Many Chinese students are very open to connect with local Christians and learn more about Christianity. Some of them come to faith in Christ. But how can we help them when they return to their home country which is so different? Debbie D. Philip has done extensive research in this field and has now written a very helpful and practical book. I highly recommend it to anyone who is involved in ministry and encounters Chinese students.
    Francina de Pater, PhDIFES International Student Ministry coordinator for Netherlands and Europe
  • Philip’s knowledge of China and its people shines a light on the cultural factors that create dis¬sonance for Chinese returnees. Her in-depth interviews with returnees, including stories of both thriving and waning faith, richly illustrate the challenges that Chinese returnees face. Philip pro¬vides cogent analysis of those interviews, as well as very practical suggestions to help Chinese return home well. This book will enable the reader to reach Chinese international students with the greater goal in mind: to see Chinese returnees successfully transplanted back to China, thriving in their faith and serving the Chinese church.
    Benjamin Stevenscross-cultural worker, East Asia

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