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Appropriate Christianity

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Table of Contents

  • Contents
  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Contributors

Part I Introduction

  • 1. Why Appropriate? by Charles H. Kraft
  • 2. The Development of Contextualization Theory in EuroAmerican Missiology by Charles H. Kraft
  • 3. The Missionary Encounter With Culture Since the Seventeenth Century by Wilbert R. Shenk
  • 4. The Function Of Appropriate Contextualization In Mission By Darrell L. Whiteman
  • 5. Why Isn’t Contextualization Implemented? by Charles H. Kraft

Part II Appropriate Christianity

  • 6. Is Christianity a Religion or Faith?  by Charles H. Kraft
  • 7. Contextualization in Three Crucial Dimensions by Charles H. Kraft
  • 8. From Systematic and Biblical to Missional Theology by Tite Tienou and Paul G. Heibert
  • 9. The Hebraic Covenant As a Model for Contextualization by Robert L. Gallagher
  • 10. Meaning Equivalence Contextualization by Charles H. Kraft
  • 11. Dynamic of Contextualization by Charles H. Kraft
  • 12. Five Perspectives of Contextually Appropriate Missional Theology by Charles E. Van Engen
  • 13. Toward a Contextually Appropriate Methodology in Mission Theology by Charles E Van Engen
  • 14. Appropriate Hermeneutics by Shawn B. Redford
  • 15. Contextualization and Time: Generational Appropriateness by Charles H. Kraft
  • 16. Power-Giving Leadership: Transformation For a Missional Church by Sherwood Lingenfelter

Part III Proactive Missiology: The Challenge

  • 17. How Appropriate is in the Church Growth Paradigm in Today’s Mission Contexts? By Eddie Gibbs
  • 18. Variations on a Theme of Appropriate Contextualization: Music Lessons from Africa by Roberta R. King
  • 19. Appropriate Relationships by Charles H. Kraft
  • 20. Contextualizing the Relationship Dimension of the Christian Life by Katie J. Rawson
  • 21. Spiritual Power: A Missiological Issue by Charles H. Kraft
  • 22. Appropriate Contextualization of Spiritual Power by Charles H. Kraft
  • 23. Appropriate Approaches in Muslim Contexts by John Travis and Anna Travis
  • 24. A Typology of Approaches to Thai Folk Buddhists by Paul De Neui
  • 25. Renewal, Revival, and Contextualization by Paul E. Pierson
  • 26. Appropriate Witness to Postmodern: Re-Incarnating the Way of Jesus In 21st Century Western Culture by Jonathon Campbell
  • 27. Reciprocal Contextualization by Frecia C. Johnson

Part IV Final Word

  • 28. The Incarnation as Matrix for Appropriate Theologies by Dean S. Gilliland
  • Vita of Dean S. Gilliland
  • Bibliography of Dean S. Gilliland
  • List of Students of Dean S. Gilliland
  • References List
  • Scripture Index
  • Author Index
  • General Index

Format: Paperback
by: Charles H. Kraft (Editor)
Appropriate Christianity examines contextualization in three crucial dimensions: truth, allegiance and spiritual power. With eighteen contributing authors including Sherwood Lingenfelter, Paul E. Pierson, Paul H. DeNeui, and Paul G. Hiebert, this compilation is a must-read for the student of contextualization.

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  • Publish Year: 2005
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