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Sorrow & Blood

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Table of Contents

FOREWORD -William D. Taylor


PART ONE: Building the Foundation


PART TWO: Reflections from Scripture and Theology


PART THREE: Reflections from History and Case Studies


PART FOUR: Preparation, Support, and Restoration


PART FIVE: Final Themes


PART SIX: Resources


Sorrow & Blood
Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution, and Martyrdom
William D. Taylor, Antonia van der Meer, Reg Reimer

On behalf of the WEA Mission Commission, William Carey Library is pleased to launch a landmark anthology and resource.

This is a new publication in the Globalization of Mission series, Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution, and Martyrdom. The editorial team of William Taylor (USA), Tonica van der Meer (Brazil), and Reg Reimer (Canada) worked over four years to compile this unique resource anthology.

This book is the product of the Mission Commission's global missiology task force and a worldwide team of committed colleagues and writers. Some 62 writers from 23 nations have collaborated to generate this unique global resource and anthology. Ajith Fernando of Sri Lanka and Christopher Wright of the UK each wrote prefaces to the book

This latest WEA volume has the potential of profoundly shaping our approach to mission in today’s challenging and increasingly dangerous world.


  • It is with reverence that I touch Sorrow and Blood. The data, reports, witnesses, and biblical reflections open before my eyes allow me and push me to see the faces of people who tell me with their lives that in Jesus Christ they found the meaning of life and of history. The world is not worthy of them (Heb 11:38) nor am I. But in grace they minister to our lives and to our generation, calling us all into a deeper commitment to being agents of God’s Kingdom in the corners of the world in which we live. I feel honored to be ministered by those who tell me, through suffering, that it is good and necessary to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and to live, or even die, for him. It’s an amazing work. Gloria Deo.
    Dr. Valdir Steuernagel
  • Sorrow and Blood is a powerful and comprehensive global study of persecution and suffering. Every follower of Christ who wants to be informed and inspired should read this book. It should be required reading for pastors, missionaries, activists, or any other Christian who wants to engage biblically in a complex world where millions of fellow believers are under great pressure or persecution for their faith.
    Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe
  • For most of us it is incomprehensible the suffering that our sisters and brothers have endured in many places around the globe for the sake of the Gospel. Sorrow and Blood is the best effort done by evangelical reflective practitioners to provide a comprehensive description and a deep analysis of what Christian suffering and martyrdom mean and what the situation looks like today. This is not just another book produced by the Mission Commission of WEA, but one of the most profound and challenging to read, particularly if you do it with an open mind and a warm heart.
    Bertil Ekström
  • As I read this book and write these lines, I am aware that right now native evangelical Christians are forced to leave their land and their towns in southern Mexico because of their faith. The question of religious persecution has become all pervasive and urgent, both in the European post-Christendom societies as well as in countries dominated by Islam and other religions. This book is a most valuable compendium and it should become required reading for future missionaries and mission educators. The rich diversity of nationalities, perspectives, and styles represented is a good example of how Christian missiology is becoming truly global.
    Dr. Samuel Escobar
  • With a wonderful balance of insight and passion this volume addresses the most neglected mark of the true church: suffering. Readers will not only be enlightened, but also deeply moved and challenged listening to voices from around the globe reflect theologically, report accurately, and testify personally on this topic. Sorrow and Blood is a profound and vital contribution to our understanding of the church and mission.
    Dr. Craig Ott

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  • Pages: 569
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
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  • Publish Year: 2012
  • ISBN: 9780878084722
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