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Christian Global Health in Perspective

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Purpose of Course

Course Description

Course Objectives

Section 1 – Biblical Foundations for Missions – Daniel O’Neill and Paul Hudson

Lesson 1 – Creation, Health, and Wholeness

Lesson 2 – The Fall, Disease, Suffering, and Death

Lesson 3 – Salvation, Healing, and Mission

Section 2 – Historical Foundations – Christoffer Grundmann and Paul Hudson

Lesson 4 – Origins and Infancy: Jesus’s Healing Ministry to the 19th Century

Lesson 5 – Time of Adolescence: Christian Medical Missions During the 19th and 20th Centuries

Lesson 6 – Growing into Maturity: Christian Global Healthcare from the 20th to 21st Century

Section 3 – Culture and Health – Rebecca Meyer and Grace Tazelaar

Lesson 7 – Culture, Worldview, and Health

Lesson 8 – Cultural Factors Impacting Health

Lesson 9 – Culture and the Unseen World

Section 4 – Strategic Innovation – Arnold Gorske, Rebecca Meyer, Perry Jansen, and Mike Soderling

Lesson 10 – Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Lesson 11 – Churches, Hospitals, and Health Systems

Lesson 12 – Leadership, Innovation, and Emerging Practices

Christian Global Health in Perspective
A Guide to Healing and Wholeness in Missions
Rebecca Meyer (editor)

Healing the Nations. Restoring Shalom.

The world is grappling with complex health challenges and disparities, forcing us to confront many pressing questions. How do Christians understand and practice healthcare? What is the biblical view of health and healing? This workbook unravels these queries, offering deep insights into the Christian approach to global health issues.

Christian Global Health in Perspective delves into the biblical foundations of health, historical perspectives of Christian medical missions, and strategies for integrating faith with modern healthcare. Health is wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. The authors, seasoned experts in theology and medicine, guide readers through an exploration of how the church can innovatively respond to current global health concerns.

This resource is essential for healthcare professionals, church leaders, development workers, and anyone interested in the intersection of faith and health. Reading this book may result in a paradigm shift for some who view remission of disease as the sole focus for healing, when from a biblical perspective, wholeness and shalom form the basis for promoting health. Christian Global Health invites you to join this transformative mission, where faith and healthcare converge for global well-being.


  • Christian Global Health in Perspectives fills a critical gap in the healthcare missions ecosystem. The course combines theologically sound missiology with responsible and sustainable medical practice. It provides a unique and well-curated biblical and historical perspective while also leading participants to thoughtfully consider future models and paradigms.
    Doug Lindberg, MD, FAAFPDirector, CMDA Center for Advancing Healthcare Missions

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  • Pages: 144
  • Publisher: William Carey Publishing
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2024
  • ISBN: 9781645085645
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