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Sharing Jesus Effectively in the Buddhist World (SEANET 3)

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Table of Contents


  • David Lim, Steve Spaulding & Paul De Neui

1. Christian Opportunities in the Changing Demographic Context of Global Buddhism

  • Tom M. Johnson & Bobby Jangsun Ryu

2. Christian Mission in the Context of Buddhist Mission

  • Terry Muck

3. Difficulties and Deviced in Depicting the Deity of Christ to the Theravada Buddhist Mind

  • M.S. Vasanthakumar

4. Gentle Strength and Upaya: Christian and Buddhist Ministry Models

  • Russell H. Bowers, Jr.

5. Meekness: A New Approach to Christian Witness to the Thai People

  • Nantachai Mejudhon

6. Where are your Temples? Do Christanity and Buddhism Share a Temple Ethos?

  • Steve Spaulding

7. Islands in the Sky: Tibetan Buddhism and the Gospel

  • Marku Tsering

8. Structural and Misintry Philosophy Issues in church planting Among Buddhist Peoples

  • Alan R. Johnson

9. People Movements in Thailand

  • Alex Smith

10. A People Movement Among the Pwo Karen in Northern Thailand

  • Jim Morris

11. Incarnational Approaches to the Japanese People Using House Churches Strageties

  • Mitsuo Fukuda



Book Format: Paperback
by: David Lim (Editor), Steve Spaulding (Editor), Paul De Neui (Editor)
This is the third book in the “Sharing Jesus in the Buddhist World” series, written by evangelical mission “reflective practitioners” who are committed to developing more effective ways to win the Buddhist peoples to the Lord Jesus Christ. The opening chapter describes “The Changing Demographic Context of Global Buddhism”; the next six describe some of the best models of mission approaches for reaching Buddhists; and the last four depict some past and present “people movements” or “church planting movements.”

Additional Details

  • Pages: 398
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2005
  • ISBN: 9780878085095
  • Vendor: William Carey Library