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Roots and Remedies of the Dependency Syndrome in World Missions

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface


  • 1. How Historical Issues Shaped Dependency
  • 2. Early Voices of Warning
  • 3. Colonial Mission Models in Africa
  • 4. The Call for a Moratorium on Missionaries
  • 5. Three Case Studies in Dependency
  • 6. Recent Issues Related to Dependency
  • 7. The Roots of Dependency
  • 8. Remedies for Dependency
  • 9. Issues for Postcolonial Missions
  • 10. Best Mission Practices for the Twenty-First Century


  • Bibliography


Book Format: Paperback
by: Robert Reese (Author)
The Christian movement is entering a new postcolonial era with centers of the faith on all continents. American Christians have often felt uniquely qualified to lead this growing movement because of a long history of sending missionaries and funding mission projects. Yet something is hampering the relationship between Western and non-Western churches, preventing the dynamic synergism that Christians might expect. Roots and Remedies of the Dependency Syndrome in World Missions, Robert Reese identifies this hindrance as the Dependency Syndrome, a relic of colonial mission methods. With three decades of experience in Zimbabwe, Reese explains the roots of dependency and how this continues to cloud the vision of many well-meaning Western Christians. He documents the tragic results of relying too much on foreign ideas, institutions, personnel, and funding that sideline non-Western churches from fulfilling the Great Commission. Reese addresses remedies for dependency, examining healthy mission models tried and tested since the days of the apostle Paul. From issues that arise from globalization to best mission practices in the twenty-first century, Roots and Remedies aims to achieve what most Christians are seeking but find elusive: how all parts of the diverse Body of Christ around the world can cooperate productively to bring Christ where He is not now known without creating dependency.

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  • Publish Year: 2010
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