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Impacting Eternity

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Curtis Sergeant 


Chapter 1: A Look Inside Jesus Movements 

Chapter 2: A New Testament Jesus Movement 

Chapter 3: Roland Allen: A Prophet of Modern Jesus Movements 

Chapter 4: Donald McGavran: A Father of Modern Movements 

Chapter 5: Understanding How Movements Work 

Chapter 6: The Root Principles 

Chapter 7: Leadership Best Practice #1: Depend upon the Presence and Power of the Spirit

Chapter 8: Leadership Best Practice #2: Catalyze a Decentralized Movement 

Chapter 9: Leadership Best Practice #3: Develop Leaders in Learning Communities 

Chapter 10: Leadership Best Practice #4: Foster Obedience-Based Discipleship 

Chapter 11: Leadership Best Practice #5: Empower God’s Saints for Works of Service 

Chapter 12: Leadership Best Practice #6: Foster a Self-Supporting System 

Chapter 13: Leadership Best Practice #7: Develop Patterns That Are Reproducible 

Chapter 14: Next Steps 


Appendix: A Comprehensive Listing of References to Jesus (‘Isa) in the Qur’an

Impacting Eternity
A Practitioner's Guide for Sustained Movement Expansion
Robert M. Reach

Growing from 4 to 400 Generations

We’ve heard stories about disciple-making movements that are sweeping the globe, transforming the way people are coming to Christ in places like Asia, western Africa, and South America. We’ve learned specific principles and strategies to encourage such movements. If only we had a book that combined empirical research with established missiological practice. Now we do.

Impacting Eternity builds on multi-dimensional research performed over a period of years. Its findings have been refined in practice within three different movements that the author helped to facilitate. Robert Reach gives seven concrete, root principles that bear kingdom fruit. This is not merely information that might work; it has proven effective in the trenches of movement life resulting in miraculous growth. Reach has found that his 5-5-5 methodology is very effective, but instead of promoting it, he helps readers think about the underlying leadership dynamics that spark and sustain a movement.

We cannot see the Spirit, but we see his work in our lives. In the same way, the visible leaves and fruit of a movement have many hidden roots. And so, we must pay attention. This book can help you learn to recognize and follow God’s Spirit as he accomplishes his purposes among the nations.


  • Robert M. Reach brilliantly weaves his extensive field experience with Biblical foundations. He gives the readers an overview of movements thinking using stories and illustrations that have worked over the decades.  
    Steve AddisonMovement CatalystAuthor, Acts and the Movement of God
  • For years, mission focused leaders have looked in awe at the Acts of the Apostles, hoping to glean understanding into how to effectively fulfill the Great Commission. Through prayer, fasting, and personal surrender, the Lord has helped Robert Reach discover what has been right in front of the Church for centuries—the Book of Acts was not the beginning of the radical discipleship movement of the early church. Christ Himself was the first practitioner of making multiplying disciples. The Gospels are the template for a multiplying Jesus movement. Reach and his network of movement leaders have faithfully applied, learned, and improved on the best practices of our Lord Jesus. The fruit is real, multiplying and God glorifying.
    I personally pray that there is a global revival of obedience and faithfulness to following in the steps of Jesus to make multiplying disciples. I believe that the principles shared herein are a key piece of the puzzle. I pray that they will be read, understood, and applied to God’s glory.
    Matt Brennan CEO, DIR Holdings, LLC & GROVE
  • If you desire a real firsthand feel of what Jesus is up to in cities, villages, neighborhoods, and families around the globe—through faithful disciple makers on the ground—you need to read Robert M. Reach’s Impacting Eternity. The stories throughout his book will inspire and deeply move you; the root principles revealed behind disciple making movements will be transformative for you; and the thrust of this book will leave you challenged to discover how Jesus wants to move through you. A must read for every disciple of Jesus that wants to make a real difference!
    Dave Buehring Founder and President, LionshareAuthor, A Discipleship Journey
  • Beginning with a brief history of “movements,” Robert Reach summarizes core principles gleaned and lessons learned from his work in facilitating movements, from inception to sustained expansion. Impacting Eternity is indeed “A Practitioner’s Guide.” Importantly, it is written by a seasoned practitioner who has been in the trenches, not an academician theorizing from an ivory tower. Reach’s book is grounded, not just in his experience around the world (both the successes and failures), but also in research he has conducted and the study of data he has gathered over several decades. He advocates empowering new believers to take ownership of evangelism and discipleship within their cultural context. I commend this book to those wanting to come alongside new believers and leaders in a manner that may result in a movement, so that they, in turn, can “get out of the way” as the Lord brings the increase.
    Myron F. Goodwin, PhD Missions Pastor, Grace Chapel, Franklin, TN
  • Having known Robert Reach for over ten years and having been involved in investigating the principles in his book "in the field" of Southeast Asia, I have seen firsthand the fruit that is supported by the seven root factors and best leadership principles he describes. It is undeniable that this Jesus Movement he reveals, and the spirit-led strategy that is unpacked in this book will serve as a wise counsel for those willing to humbly look beyond the traditional Western approaches and tap into the power of this incredible movement of God.
    James J. Jerozal, Jr. International Impact Pastor, Christ Community Church, South Elgin/St. Charles, Illinois
  • The love language of Disciple Making Movement (DMM) is healthy and rapid multiplication of disciples, leaders, intercessors, small groups, and churches. This is the reason why I am calling passionate practitioners to kindly join me endorse Impacting Eternity. With more than thirty years’ personal experience as a Disciple Making Movement (DMM) Trainer Coach and Practitioner, I endorse the content of the book because of its creativity, simplicity, and the intentionality of the author in laying out kingdom principles that catalyze the rapid multiplication of disciples and disciple-makers.
    The book provides an insight into Jesus’ movements, the fresh 5-5-5 methodology, The Fruit, Roots, and Branches of movements, and most importantly, the recommended 7 leadership best practices. The cited examples and stories can be applicable to every disciple-making culture around the world.
    Rev Shodankeh Johnson New Harvest Ministries, Sierra Leone, West Africa
  • Robert Reach uses the Bible as the basis for emphasizing the power of the Holy Spirit. With this power, every disciple can fulfill Jesus' Great Commission by training, developing, and multiplying disciples.
    Ying Kai Training for Trainers (T4T) Founder
  • Robert is a remarkable individual who epitomizes the principles he teaches and walks out in faith. As a fellow member of the board of directors, I have witnessed his unwavering commitment to his mission to advance the gospel. Personally, I had the privilege of visiting a house church in Asia, where I listened to their stories, prayed for them in the face of persecution, and saw the transformative impact of Robert's methods. His approach combines tested strategies with adaptable flexibility, enabling seamless integration into diverse cultural contexts. Robert's work is truly effective, proven, and embodies the perfect balance of structure and adaptability.
    Matt McCauley CEO LogoBrands, Franklin, TN
  • As someone who has journeyed with Robert and his team’s ministry these past twenty years on two continents, I can testify to the stunning fruitfulness the Lord has wrought. This is due in no small part to applying the learnings, practices, and support systems described in this book. We all have to decide how we are going to relate to something new we see the Lord doing. I commend this book to you to gain a deeper insight into this new paradigm called movement.
    Brett Nordick The R.B. Nordick Foundation

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