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Global Member Care (Vol. 2)

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Table of Contents

Growing Broadly in Mission/Aid—and Beyond
Part One: Overview: Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity.

  • Chapter 1 Crossing Well--David Mazel
  • Chapter 2 Charting Your Course through the Sectors--Kelly O’Donnell, Member Care Associates
  • Chapter 3 Sector Connectors: Families in Global Transition--Ruth E. Van Reken, Lois Bushong, and Tina Quick
  • Chapter 4 Multi-Sector Realities in the Global Response to HIV/AIDS--Sally Smith, UNAIDS
  • Chapter 5 Universal Declaration of Human Rights--United Nations General Assembly

Part Two: Good Practice in the Humanitarian Sector: Connections and Contributions for Serving Humanity

  • Chapter 6 Humanitarian Principles and Themes-Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Assistance
  • Chapter 7 Code of Conduct in Disaster Relief--International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the ICRC
  • Chapter 8 Spirituality and Mental Health in Humanitarian Contexts--Alison Schafer, World Vision Australia
  • Chapter 9 Strategies for Security Management--Humanitarian Practice Network, Overseas Development Institute
  • Chapter 10 Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Work--Sarah Bailey, Humanitarian Policy Group
  • Chapter 11 Partnerships in Emergency Assistance--Katherine Nightingale, Christian Aid
  • Chapter 12 Accountability Standards--Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
  • Chapter 13 Faith-based Humanitarians--Wilfred Mlay, World Vision International
  • Chapter 14 Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict--World Health Organization, United Nations Population Fund, United Nations Children’s Fund et al
  • Chapter 15 Human Rights and Religious Freedom--United Nations General Assembly

Part Three: Good Practice in the Human Health Sector: Connections and Contributions for Serving Humanity

  • Chapter 16 Health and Human Rights--Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the World Health Organization
  • Chapter 17 Primary Health Care and Faith-based Organizations--Geneva Global and World Health Organization
  • Chapter 18 Social Determinants of Health--World Conference on Social Determinants of Health
  • Chapter 19 Disabilities: Overview and Action--World Health Organization and the World Bank
  • Chapter 20 Healthy Women, Healthy World--World Health Organization
  • Chapter 21 Exploring Global Mental Health--Kelly O’Donnell, Member Care Associates
  • Chapter 22 Mental Health and Vulnerable Groups--World Health Organization
  • Chapter 23 Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings--Inter-Agency Standing Committee
  • Chapter 24 Psychological First Aid--World Health Organization, War Trauma Foundation, and World Vision International
  • Chapter 25 Culturally Competent Care in Mental Health--Anthony Marsella, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii

Part Four: Good Practice in the Human Resource Sector: Connections and Contributions for Serving Humanity

  • Chapter 26 Strengthening Human Resource Systems--Management Sciences for Health
  • Chapter 27 Ethics in Human Resource Management--Human Resources Professionals Association
  • Chapter 28 HIV/AIDS in the Workplace--International Labour Organization
  • Chapter 29 Managing and Supporting Staff--People In Aid
  • Chapter 30 Staff Care in Organizations--Benjamin Porter and Ben Emmens, InterHealth and People In Aid
  • Chapter 31 Resilience, Risk, and Responsibility--International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support
  • Chapter 32 Strengthening Organizational Culture and Effectiveness--Barb Wigley, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Chapter 33 Humans Abusing Humans: Smuggling, Trafficking, and Abduction--United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Chapter 34 Human Rights and Work--International Labour Organization
  • Chapter 35 Serving Well--David Mazel


by: Kelly O’Donnell (Editor), Michèle O’Donnell (Editor)
Global Member Care: Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity, the latest book from the O’Donnells, is part of an ongoing effort to help a diversity of colleagues keep current with a globalizing world and the global field of member care. This second volume in the Global Member Care series encourages readers to connect and contribute to various international sectors on behalf of mission/aid workers and humanity. The book’s 35 chapters include a wealth of practical resources: guidelines, codes, resolutions, perspectives, principles, case examples, videos links, human rights instruments, and more. Get ready to venture into the heart of global issues and opportunities—from the trenches to the towers and everything in between!

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  • Pages: 421
  • Publisher: William Carey Library
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publish Year: 2013
  • ISBN: 9780878081226
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