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Contextualization: Meanings, Methods and Models

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword by George W. Peters
  • Preface

Part 1 The Historical Background of Contextualization

  • Introduction to Part 1
  • 1. Reflections from the Old and New Testaments
  • 2. Reflections from the History of the Church and its Missions
  • 3. What Is New?


Part 2 Contemporary Understanding of and Approaches to Contextualization

  • Introduction to Part 2
  • 4. Europe: Jurgen Moltmann
  • 5. Anglo-America: Bruce J. Nicholls and Charles H. Kraft
  • 6. Asia: M.M. Thomas and Kosuke Koyama
  • 7. Latin America: Gustavo Guierrez and Jose Miguez-Bonino
  • 8. Africa: John S. Mbiti and Byang H. Kato
  • 9. The Middle East: Kenneth E. Bailey and Tim Matheny


Part 3 Framework for Analysis

  • Introduction to Part 3
  • 10. A Philosophical Perspective: Genres of Revelational Epistemology
  • 11. A Theological Perspective: The Contextualization Continuum
  • 12. An Anthropological Perspective: Language and Meaning
  • 13. A Hermeneutical Perspective: Basic Assumptions and Patterns
  • 14. A Communication Perspective: The Semantic Problem and the Communication Process


Part 4 Authentic and Relevant Contextualization: Some Proposals

  • Introduction to Part 4
  • 15. Contextualization That Is Authentic and Relevant
  • 16. A Contextualized Christian Worldview: A Catechism for Tribals
  • 17. A Contextualization of the New Birth Message: an Evangelistic Tract for Chinese People
  • 18. The Doctrine of Justification by Faith Contextualized: Commentaries on Galatians 2 for Sixteenth-Century Europe and Twentieth-Century India
  • 19. A Contextualization for Muslims: A Debate
  • 20. A Contextualized Sermon for Nominal Christian in Central and Northern Europe: The Lordship of Christ


  • Bibliography
  • Index of Subjects


by: David J. Hesselgrave (Author), Edward Rommen (Author)
This classic textbook brings together the meanings, proposals, and tasks involved in contextualization. Hesselgrave and Rommen explore the history of contextualization in the Bible and the Church while examining the proposals of prominent thinkers on this subject. They conclude with their own definition and approach to contextualization.

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  • Pages: 291
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  • Publish Year: 2000
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