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Margins of Islam

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Table of Contents

David Garrison
Gene Daniels

Chapter 1—Who Represents Islam?
Evelyne A. Reisacher
Chapter 2—How Muslims Shape and Use Islam: Towards a Missiological Understanding
Warrick Farah

Chapter 3—The Donkey and the Straw: Challenges and Opportunities in Reaching South Asian Sufis with the Gospel
Kevin Higgins
Chapter 4—Secular Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ted Esler
Chapter 5—Egalité, Fraternité, and Cous-Cous: Ministry to Muslims in the Context of a Resurgent Islam and French Laïcité
Rick Kronk
Chapter 6—Biblical Approaches to the Nurcu Gülen Movement in Turkey
Yakup Korkmaz
Chapter 7—Magical Mystical Muslims: Sufi-Oriented Islam and African Traditional Religion
Robin Dale Hadaway
Chapter 8—Ordinary Muslims in Pakistan and the Gospel
Warren Larson
Chapter 9—Ministry to Hui Muslims in China: An Approach to Dual-Layered Cultural Settings
Enoch Jinsik Kim
Chapter 10—Context as Flypaper: The Island of Java in Indonesia
Michael A. Kilgore
Chapter 11—Liberating Liminality: Mission in the North African Berber Context
Patrick Brittenden
Chapter 12—Russified Muslims of the Former Soviet Union
Gene Daniels
Chapter 13—The Queen’s Muslims? Muslim Identities in the UK
Phil Rawlings
Chapter 14—In the Shadow of a Buddhist Temple: Muslims in Thailand
Alan Johnson
Chapter 15—Uyghurs of the Tarim Basin: Muslims in Northwestern China
CG Gordon
Chapter 16—Muslim Youth in a Glocal World
Arthur Brown

Chapter 17—Adaptive Missiological Engagement with Islamic Contexts
Warrick Farah
Chapter 18—Conclusion: Learning from the Margins
Gene Daniels

Margins of Islam
Ministry in Diverse Muslim Contexts
Gene Daniels (Editor), Warrick Farah (Editor)

“A global journey revealing multiple expressions of the Islamic faith… We no longer have any excuse to train others to reach all Muslims in the same way.”—J. D. Payne 

What do you do when “Islam” does not adequately describe the Muslims you know? Margins of Islam brings together a stellar collection of experienced missionary scholar-practitioners who explain their own approaches to a diversity of Muslims across the world. Each chapter grapples with a context that is significantly different from the way Islam is traditionally presented in mission texts. These crucial differences may be theological, socio-political, ethnic, or a specific variation of Islam in a context—but they all shape the way we do mission. This book will help you discover Islam as a lived experience in various settings and equip you to engage Muslims in any context, including your own.


  • Islam is a kaleidoscope of expressions shaped by different cultures. Local spiritisms flavor people's connections with the supernatural. Political histories and ideologies carve out other emphases. And all of these patterns are in flux, since change never stops. Lifelong learning is required from those who want to understand Islam. This book presents diverse Muslim lifestyles and worldviews in a readable, accessible, interesting form. Beyond description, authors explore particular bridges for communicating the gospel in various unique contexts. For updating and expanding one's knowledge, for interacting with creative minds, and for general enrichment, this book is a treasure.
    Miriam Adeney, PhDassociate professor of world Christian studies, Seattle Pacific Universityauthor, Kingdom Without Borders: The Untold Story of Global Christianity
  • Water is H2O. But for the scuba diver, or surfer or marine biologist, it is much more. Is Islam confined to its creed and dogma? Those who swim in its waters experience it as much more. The authors invite us to dive among the coral reefs of Islam, observe its rich colors and bio-diversity, and feel the force of its currents and breakers. Rather than reducing Islam to a system of beliefs, they urge us towards incarnation—the risky venture of getting to know Muslims. Hybridity and liminality are the new buzz-words, but since its inception, Islam has intermingled with worldviews and cultures around the globe. This volume patiently unveils that reality, inviting Jesus-followers to encounter Muslims where they live, as they live. Thanks to Farah and Daniels for confronting us with the diversity of global Islam and implications for Christians who engage with it.
    Mike Kuhn, PhDassistant professor, Arab Baptist Theological Seminaryauthor of Fresh Vision for the Muslim World
  • I so enjoyed Margins of Islam. With numerous missiological insights in each article, this book is a bounty of practical wisdom. It challenges “reductionist” views—both of the gospel and of ministry to Muslims. Praise God for this crucial contribution to the global conversation on ministry in the Muslim context.
    Werner Mischke, DDauthor of The Global Gospel
  • As long as Muslims are outside of saving faith in Jesus Christ, there is need for a flow of writings on how to reach them. In recent years there have been a plethora of books written on the topic. “Why another?” some skeptically may ask. Because this collaborative volume brings to us both balance and up-to-date cutting edge missiological observations on the world of Islam in a fresh way. This book will quickly become a standard textbook for understanding the varied dynamics of this non-monolithic religion.
    Marvin J. Newell, DMisssenior vice president of Missio Nexusyears of service among Muslim-majority peoples in Indonesia
  • Our world is comprised of a Muslim mosaic, not a monolithic Islam. The religion may have its pillars, but radically different expressions. Daniels and Farah have done a great service in the Kingdom by reminding us of this fact! Margins of Islam takes readers on a global journey revealing the multiple expressions of the Islamic faith. This book gives us solid evidence of what we have known, but seldom allowed to influence our mission practices. We no longer have any excuse to train others to reach all Muslims in the same way. This book challenges us to know our contexts and allow such insight to shape contextualized strategies and methodologies.
    J. D. Payne, PhDpastor, missiologist, podcast host, and bloggerauthor of Apostolic church planting
  • In a marvelous tour de force, Margins of Islam exposes the widely held, but false assumption that the house of Islam is a monolithic religious entity which either resists or responds to missiological strategies. Collectively, these authors offer up case studies and rich and textured “on the field” experience which reflects the true variegated diversity of Islam. This book is contextual missiology at its finest.
    Timothy C. Tennent, PhDpresident, Asbury Theological Seminaryprofessor of World Christianity
  • This text is a masterful collection of representative examples of various types of Muslims around the world and aspects of the gospel that resonate with their concerns be they Sufi, secular, ethnic, Western, youth, or other types of Muslims. Every witness to them should profit from it.
    J. Dudley Woodberry, PhDdean emeritus and senior professor of Islamic StudiesSchool of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • This book raises huge questions about how we should understand Islam, how we should teach Christians about Islam, and how we should communicate with Muslims. While it doesn’t provide neat answers, it’s a model of what’s involved in reflecting seriously on long-term Christian engagement with Muslims.
    Colin Chapman, MPhilVisiting lecturer, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Margins of Islam: Ministry in Diverse Muslim Contexts sweeps away the reductionistic, yet pervasive, assumption that Islam is the same everywhere. As someone who has ministered to Turkic and Asian Muslims outside of the Arab world, this book is particularly helpful for me. Along with insightful explanations of different Islams from around the world, this volume provides a conceptual framework that will help readers understand and engage Muslims in any context.
    Jayson Georgesauthor of The 3D Gospel and
  • Humans and human societies are complex, yet simple categories too often frame our missiology and mission approaches, missing the changing, hybrid, at times puzzling realities of life. Margins of Islam breaks this pattern, exploring diversity of expression across multiple settings in which Muslims live out their faith. Its missiological proposals offer a significant—and needed—contribution, intended for those who love and serve among Muslims, but with insights to be applied in numerous other settings.
    David Greenlee, PhDauthor and missiologistdirector of missiological research and evaluation for Operation Mobilization

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