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Reading 1 Peter Missiologically

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Chapter 1: Salvation of the Nations: The Vision of God’s Mission in 1 Peter 1:10–12 by Joshua Bowman

Chapter 2: Like Father Like Son: Holiness and Missio Dei in 1 Peter by Gift Mtukwa

Chapter 3: Mission by God’s Living Stones: Watchman Nee’s Missional Exegesis of 1 Peter 2:5–11 by Jacob Chengwei Feng

Chapter 4: Embodying God’s Mission in an Unfriendly World: The Identity and Missionary Mandate of the Church in 1 Peter by Boubakar Sanou

Chapter 5: The Role of the Spirit in Mission in 1 Peter by Yimenu Adimass Belay

Chapter 6: Eschatology and Mission in 1 Peter by Grant LeMarquand


Chapter 7: Salvation and Judgment as Missionary Message in 1 Peter by Markus T. Klausli

Chapter 8: The Missiological Message of Hope in 1 Peter by Sarah Lunsford

Chapter 9: Mission to the Dead and the Resurrection of Jesus: 1 Peter 3:18–22 and Ancestor Christology in Africa by Rudolf K. Gaisie


Chapter 10: Missional Hospitality: Responding to Physical and Spiritual Alienation by Tricia Stephens

Chapter 11: Suffering in God’s Mission: Reflections from 1 Peter by Edward L. Smither

Chapter 12: Ethical Living as Proto-Evangelion: Holiness, Honor, and Hope in 1 Peter by Jessica A. Udall

Chapter 13: Evangelism in 1 Peter: The Verbal Proclamation of a People Awaiting the Return of Their King by Will Brooks

Chapter 14: Missional Implications of Christ’s Proclamation to the Spirits in 1 Peter 3:18–22 by Sigurd Grindheim

Chapter 15: The Pilgrimage Motif in 1 Peter and Its Implications for Evangelism by Sofia Papaspyrou

About the Contributors

Reading 1 Peter Missiologically
The Missionary Motive, Message and Methods of 1 Peter
Abeneazer G. Urga, Jessica A. Udall, and Edward L. Smither (editors)

Gaining Fresh Insights for Missions

In today’s world, the church on mission faces the immense challenge of engaging an array of cultures and ideologies. To address these issues, theologians and missiologists usually focus on Jesus and Paul. However, the Apostle Peter’s words, steeped in wisdom, are another vital link between foundational Christian truths and the complexities of our global context. 

For this reason, Reading 1 Peter Missiologically is a significant contribution to both biblical scholarship and mission practice. Examining 1 Peter through a missiological lens unveils the apostle’s strategic approach to cross-cultural evangelism amidst persecution and cultural diversity. It is not just an academic exercise; the authors provide practical insights for missionaries, church leaders, and theologians, helping them to contextualize the gospel in a culturally sensitive manner. This book bridges the gap between theological study and real-world application. 

Reading 1 Peter Missiologically is an essential resource for anyone seeking to participate in Christian outreach more effectively. It challenges readers to rethink modern missionary strategies. If you want to deepen your understanding of the Bible’s teaching on global mission and apply it across the world, this book is a must-read. 


  • The field of missional hermeneutics of Scripture, to our great encouragement, continues to produce abundant fruit. This collection of essays offering a diverse range of missional readings of 1 Peter is a worthy successor to the editors’ earlier collaboration in Reading Hebrews Missiologically: The Missionary Motive, Message, and Methods of Hebrews. The book is outstanding not only in the breadth and detail of the topics covered along with extensive bibliographies for further enquiry, but significantly for the diversity of the contributors, many of whom bring illuminating insights and applications from their majority world contexts. A most welcome and enriching contribution to the task of reading the whole Bible with a missional lens.

    Christopher J. H. Wright, PhDLangham PartnershipAuthor, The Great Story and the Great Commission

  • Whether you are a seasoned scholar, a seminary student or a minister, Reading 1 Peter Missiologically invites you to step into a world where exegesis meets missiology and theology encounters culture. The essays present both traditional and fresh readings of 1 Peter informed by exegetical analysis and socio-cultural locatedness in specific and diverse settings from around the world. Written by an international team, the book presents a biblically rooted and theologically sophisticated visions of mission that draw together countless exegetical, missiological and theological threads. Readers will find this a resource for many questions that arise from the interpretation and application of 1 Peter, but even more, they will find an inspiring and enriching chorus of appreciation for the Word and mission of God.

    Sofanit T. Abebe, PhDLecturer in New Testament and Greek, Oak Hill College, London

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