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Propelled by Hope

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Table of Contents



Part 1: The Beginnings

Chapter 1: The Historical Context in Which Perspectives Emerged

     Global Realignments

     Societal Trends

     Negative View of Missions

     A New Spiritual Vitality

Chapter 2: Responding to the Move of the Holy Spirit

     Fuller Foundation

     Zechariah 4:10

     Lausanne ’74

     In the Gap

     Laying Foundation Stones

     The Living God is a Missionary God

     Decline, Reorganization, and Expansion

     The Remarkable Penn State Class

     A Published Text at Last

Chapter 3: Developing Trends in World Missions 1980–2000

     Paradigm Shifts

     New Strategies


     From Mission Field to Mission Force

     Key Mission Entities and Events with Frontier Mission Focus, 1975–99

Chapter 4: Growing Influence, Growing Pains

     Extension and Expansion

     Changing Audience

     First Forays Into Other Lands

     Stabilization and Growth

     The Perspectives Add-dition

     A Shift in Focus

     Follow the Fruit

Part 2: Into the Third Millennium

Chapter 5: Global Events and Cultural Shifts Impacting Mission

     Re-mapping Global Populations

     Migration, Urbanization, Globalization

     Post-Western Christianity and Post-Christian West

Chapter 6: Frontier Mission Developments 2001–2020

     New Agencies and Networks for a New Millennium

     One Hundred Years of Progress

     Changing of the Guard

     Therefore Pray to the Lord of the Harvest

     Globalization of Mobilization

     The Harvest Force

     The Harvest Field

     Exploring New Strategies

     Fruitful Practices

     Twenty-First Century Surprise

     Collaboration for the Sake of the Name

     College Student to Church-Planting Movement

Chapter 7: Catalyzing a Movement

     Struggling to Catch Up

     A New Start: Fresh Faces in New Places

     New Edition for a New Millennium

     Auxillary Curriculum for Strategic Demographics

     Coordinator Training Reboot

     Launching Online

     Back to the Mother Ship—Headwinds Ahead

     Building for the Future

     Perspectives Goes to Hollywood

     Defining Identity

     Long Overdue: Instructor Development

Chapter 8: Fruitful Frontier—Perspectives Global

     FirstFruits Internationally

     A Root Bearing Offshoots

     Kairos—Emerging from the Philippines

     The Necessity of Soil Preparation

     United Kingdom

     Fruitful Strategy

     Cultivating the Movement

     Sowing and Reaping in Rocky Soil

     Establishing the Movement

     Promising Yield

     Seeding Into Other Asian Nations

     Propagating into Other African Nations

     Extending the Movement

     Latin America: Ripe for Mobilization

     Divine Connections With Perspectives Instructors

Chapter 9: Moving With God into the Next Half-Century

     USCWM Becomes Frontier Ventures

     Perspectives USA Launches Out On Its Own

     Perspectives Global Matures

     Perspectives Curriculum Fifth Edition

     2020: Unexpected, Uncertain, Chaotic and Fruitful

     Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future


Propelled by Hope
The Story of the Perspectives Movement
Yvonne Huneycutt

50 Years of Mobilizing for Frontier Missions

“Do not despise the day of small beginnings.” These words from the book of Zechariah were prophetically spoken by famed missiologist Arthur Glasser to the inaugural Perspectives class in 1974. The mystery of transformation from a tiny classroom discussion into a sweeping frontier mission seems lost to time.

The fascinating connection between the Perspectives movement, the frontier mission movement, and church planting movements is a story rarely told yet vital to understanding the spread of the gospel to unreached populations. Yvonne Huneycutt’s Propelled by Hope unfolds the hidden tapestry of these interconnected movements through sixty personal interviews and inspiring anecdotes. 

Discover not just history but a spiritual journey that offers lessons, inspiration, and encouragement for today's believers. Whether you are a mission leader, a student of missiology, or someone seeking to understand God's movement in the world, this book will deepen your insight into the strategies, goals, and personal stories that have shaped modern missions.



  • Here is the story of how the Perspectives course has been helping thousands to step into the great story of God fulfilling his global purpose.

    Steve HawthorneLead Editor, Perspectives

  • Propelled by Hope is the sweeping narrative of a global movement that started from a seemingly small beginning when Perspectives was launched fifty years ago. Huneycutt's inspiring book reveals how God himself is the movement maker. Today, Perspectives is rapidly spreading through the non-Western world. This excellently researched book reveals why thousands around the world have experienced a radical paradigm shift and have now joined this movement of making His glory known. This global God story is continuing into future generations.

    Mary HoInternational Executive Leader, All Nations

  • Dr. Huneycutt has given us a marvelous gift by expertly recounting the fifty-year history of what is now a global missions education movement. While she aptly puts this account in the context of frontier missions, she also recognizes that, since 1974, Christianity itself was transformed as it shifted to the Global South. Both trends have brought greater diversity to the global church while moving us nearer to the Revelation 7:9 vision of all peoples so eagerly anticipated by Perspectives graduates around the world. A compelling and life-changing read!

    Todd M. Johnson, PhDCo-Director, Center for the Study of Global Christianity, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

  • A book like Propelled by Hope has never been written. Ever. Yvonne has interwoven the story of Perspectives with the history of missions over the last five decades! I couldn't put it down. She traces the development of Perspectives as a worldwide phenomenon—in the context of seemingly every major mission milestone during the past fifty years! Propelled by Hope pulls no punches. It describes sodalities and modalities that are real, raw, and yet, redeemed. As it turns out, this book isn't a commercial for a missions course. It's the true story of a tapestry called Perspectives becoming a global movement, changing the lives of course-developers and leaders just as radically as it transforms students into missional world-changers. If you buy just one book this year, I suggest you make it this one.

    Doug Lucas, DBAPresident, Team Expansion and Founder/Co-Editor, Brigada

  • Incredible! Yvonne Huneycutt has expertly and sensitively condensed fifty years of the Perspectives course and international movement into an exciting and fast paced narrative full of vision, passion, teamwork, setbacks, victories, and most of all, changed lives. Be inspired by what God has done in and through Perspectives, and let it motivate you to make a difference in this ever-growing world Christian movement.

    Dr. Steve ShadrachGlobal Ambassador, Via (formerly Center for Mission Mobilization)

  • It is amazing what God has done through the Perspectives course! In 2001 we hosted the course at the church I pastored in Tennessee. One of the instructors, David Watson, exposed us to the amazing things he had seen God do in India in a disciple making movement. An African pastor staying with me at the time was enrolled in the course. Together we wondered, “Would God do something like this in Africa?”
    With David’s mentorship, we gathered other African leaders to implement disciple making movement principles in three regions of Africa. God has blessed the work with 39,565 new churches, including 18,284 among Unreached People Groups. Through Perspectives we met a long-term mentor and learned the importance of partnership and building on what others have done. Propelled by Hope is filled with such fascinating stories of the works of God through the quiet faithful labors of many.

    Jerry TrousdaleFinal Command MinistriesAuthor, Miraculous Movements and The Kingdom Unleashed

  • I was freshly inspired by Yvonne Huneycutt’s Propelled by Hope. Here is a well-crafted collection of stories honoring scores of individuals in frontier mission mobilization. It stretches across decades inside a larger drama: God’s movement through the Perspectives course to mobilize individuals, local churches, and organizations around the world toward fulfilling His singular ancient purpose: blessing all the peoples of the earth through Jesus Christ. This book is a Christ-centered worship offering. It gives historical witness to the multitudes who’ve been “ruined” away from the ordinary by the Perspectives course and “The Story of His Glory.” What a gift to the global church and missions community!

    Werner MischkeVP, Mission ONE and Author, The Global Gospel

  • The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course changed my life. I first took the course in 1981 with instructors the likes of Ralph Winter, Don Richardson, and other pioneers in the frontier mission movement. I lead a mission that is mobilizing artistic and innovative ministry practitioners in fifty countries. As I look back over forty years, I see that the dynamic insights in the Perspectives course have laid the biblical and contextual groundwork that has given me great confidence and courage for innovative efforts in God’s world mission.  
    Yvonne Huneycutt’s insightful book beautifully describes the impact Perspectives has made around the world. Reading it will give you renewed vision, historical perspective, deep enjoyment, and an enlarged passion for what is still an unfinished task. A task in which Jesus wants you to become more deeply involved. You will make no mistake devouring Dr. Huneycutt’s great new book!

    Dr. Byron SpradlinPresident, Artists in Christian Testimony Int’l, Brentwood, TN

  • My friend Rex attended Perspectives Lesson 1 with his arms folded, wondering when the class would be over. By the end of the evening Rex was learning forward, asking himself, “Why have I never heard this Biblical overview of missions before?” By Lesson 15 Rex and his wife Anna heard God’s call “to give up their smaller ambitions” and “go ahead as far as they could see.” They trained to become Perspectives coordinators and brought Perspectives to their home church. Then, with the love of God compelling, Rex and Anna sold their possessions and moved with their children to one of the most remote regions of the world. Yvonne Huneycutt has told the Perspectives story in this superb book. As Ralph D. Winter said, “We should be on tiptoes to see what is about to happen next.”

    Robert BlincoePresident Emeritus, Frontiers US

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