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More Screams, Different Deserts

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Table of Contents


I. Persevering to Raise TCKs with TLC
We Should Do That
What Happens When Husbands Are Gone
The “L” Word
What Can I Say?!
All-American Baseball . . . Kind Of
It’s Only an Earthquake
Where Is the Museum?
A Mother’s Sacrifice
The Birth
One of the Differences between Us and Hamsters
A Dangerous Prayer

II. A Deeper Look at Love and Perseverance
Rejoice in Suffering
Endurance and Encouragement from the Word
Jars of Clay
Living Hope, Eternal Inheritance, and Refined Faith

III. Joy in Stretching Spiritually
As the Deer
The Miraculous and the Mundane
Fasting with Donuts
Trees or Football
People Who Live with Glass Tabletops Shouldn’t . . .
Remember Jeremiah 29:11

IV. A Deeper Look at Joy
Joy in His Presence (Mary)
The Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength (Nehemiah)
Joyfully Persevering (Habakkuk)
Eternal Perspective Brings Joy (Jesus)
Joy in the Midst of Suffering (the Macedonians)

V. Transitions, Travel, and Tiredness
Trains, Planes, and Automobiles
Reentry Challenges!
The Scarred Purse
Blessed Are the Aged
Three’s a Crowd!
Minor Inconveniences Can Add Up to a Major Headache
A Walk Like No Other
Lesson Learned from the Camel Market

VI. A Deeper Look at Faith, Love, and Hope
Work Produced by Faith Includes Joy and Suffering
Labor Prompted by Love Involves Transformation and Sacrifice
Endurance Inspired by Hope Entails Working and Waiting

VII. Relationships
My Sister’s Tale of Epic Heroism
From Hot Pants to Hot Flashes
Night Owl or Early Bird
Love Is Blind
The Pedicure from Hel . . . Well, I Mean Not a Good Place
Tricky Team Relationships
Ode to Samson

VIII. A Deeper Look at Hope and Security in God Alone
“What Else Do I Have?” (Micah)
Forfeiting Grace (Jonah)


by: Sue Eenigenburg (Author)
More Screams, Different Deserts is another invitation to join Sue on her adventures in cross-cultural living and biblical studies that have helped her along the way. With twenty-seven years of experience in cross cultural ministry, Sue realizes that joy and perseverance are essential for thriving in life and ministry. Her stories and insights encourage women to look to Jesus, our only hope wherever we live. Stories, ranging from one corner of the world to another, include discovering a forgotten museum, protecting her children from chocolate, visiting a camel market, and meeting wild pigs on a nighttime walk. God has been her refuge, and his Word held her steady when all she really wanted to do was run away and hide. Questions and resources at the end of each chapter will help readers think through personal application and find additional help.


  • Sue’s delightful sense of humor colorfully tells real life stories of living cross-culturally. She presents Bible passages to study along with practical applications for women working across cultures. The questions to ponder are a great springboard for personal contemplation or creative dialogue with others.
    Lorrie Lindgrenexecutive director of Thrive
  • Sue shares her deeper journeys into the scriptures as she learns lessons on joy and perseverance, suffering, hope, love, and faith. All along the way she reveals her own struggles and heart’s stories. I could relate to so much I read. My own struggles were recognized. My own sufferings began to make sense. Sue’s use of humor served as sugar to make the truth-medicine go down. This is a well written, well experienced, well lived book that will surely benefit any woman serving cross-culturally around the world.
    Robynn BlissEden Vigil and co-author, Expectations and Burnout

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