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Communicating Christ In Animistic Contexts

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword by David J. Hesselgrave
  • Preface

Part 1 Understanding Animism

  • 1. The Meaning of Animism and Its Place in Today’s World
  • 2. Tools for Learning Animistic Worldviews
  • 3. The Cosmic and the Earthly
  • 4. Change in Animistic Societies

Part II Thinking Theology in Animistic Contexts

  • 5. Christianity and Animism: Contrasting Worldviews
  • 6. Kingdom Theology: Introducing Animists to Christian Perspectives

Part III. Analyzing Animistic Practices and Powers

  • 7. Animistic Practitioners
  • 8. The Animistic Practice of Divination
  • 9. Impersonal Spiritual Forces
  • 10. Personal Spiritual Beings


  • Conclusion: Sin and Salvation in Christianity and Animism
  • Works Cited
  • Index of Subjects
  • Index of Names
  • Index of Scripture

by: Gailyn Van Rheenen (Author)
Whether in New Age mysticism, occultism, Haitian voodooism, Chinese ancestor veneration, or Japanese Shintoism, animistic beliefs are widespread, even today. Gailyn Van Rheenen turns our attention to what Paul Hiebert called “the excluded middle,” the intermediate realm of spirits, ancestors, gods, and ghosts. Rather than being merely anecdotal, he presents a rigorous, biblical, theological, and anthropological foundation for ministering in animistic contexts.

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